Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Waiting to FLY!

I be leaving Singapore via
SQ 20 July 2011 - 2am

And reaching DFW Airport
20 July 2011 - 6.20pm

Singapore timing would be
21 July 2011 - 7.20am
I couldn't leave without MORE 3-in-1 Aik Cheong Coffees and my dad got me the 'Less Sugar' Version!
AND more cookbooks from JB!
Alot CHEAPER compare to Singapore, I am so going to go JB's Citysquare by myself on a weekday afternoon just to browse books there!
I hope I can prepare better SOUPS (My hubs loves soup) and of course my 'Project' for next 3 months is to perfect the 'Chiffon' Challenge! Mooncake's project would be postpone till my next trip back!
My Cookbook collection is getting HUGE!


  1. I love your cooking posts la! I can't cook for nuts. Hope you had a great flight :D I'm sure TOto will be super hyper to see you!!!

  2. @Yve
    I also cannot cook and my friends always think i am the type LEAST likely to become a housewife to cook and bake! But you cannot fight FATE! Hahaha after 3-4yrs being a housewife no choice but also slowly can cook abit abit liao ...

  3. I have so many years of living on my own in another country and still I cannot cook! I used to be a vegetarian and I would poison myself by using soy milk to cook scrambled eggs! Also my expertise is undercooked inside burnt outside :P

  4. @Yve, U didnt use ur heart enough. Haha if me can cook, so can everyone else le!!



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