Sunday, July 24, 2011

Perfect Houswife Day Pt.2 : Coffee Chiffon Swiss Roll with Kaya!

After cleaning up after Laksa, my next plan is Swiss Roll for the Kaya Jam, that I have prepare last week!There is so many different type of Swiss roll recipes, but I decide to use a "Coffee Chiffon cake" recipe for my swiss roll. The recipe only calls for 2 eggs, I wonder is it enough for my tray.

Ingredient : 1tbsp Instant Coffee powder, 20ml Oil, 20ml milk, 2egg yolks, 50gm sugar & 40gm self raising flour. 2egg whites, 1/4 tsp tartar & 20gm sugar.
I was still thinkin the batter was too little, but it did puffs up abit more than I expected.
I roll before the cake cools down and left it this a way to cook.
Spread the Jam and sprinkle some icing sugar.
Viola, dessert!
Recipe is rather simple, and my Hubbie loves it.
But I find it a tad sweet.
Who knows COffee and Kaya would be a great mix together!? It did, and I am glad I chose coffee flavour for my Kaya Jam!

Real Chiffon cake to come soon!

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