Sunday, July 24, 2011

Perfect Houswife Day Pt.1 : Laksa

Before 11am, I have already finish this 2 item!
Fantastico huh!?
What is missing is a jug of Lemonade and I will be the perfect housewife hahaha!

Let's move on to my prepo ...
My last packet of Laksa prepack sauce!
Today I am going to prepare this using Prawns.
Prepare stock using the prawns.
Chopped dried shrimps for the added '3D' ommmphhh!
Add chopped dried shrimp, prepack laksa paste, stock and coconut milk.
Side Ingredient, Eggs and Prawns.
Mini Tau Pok.

Asemble and Viola! 
We love Laksa!
Hubs complain his body is getting VERY HEATY!

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