Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LocknLock Spree in Singapore!?

Omg, I am so crazy about Locknlockplace.com.
I bought so much even when I am far far away in Singapore!?
 But I just couldn't miss the 4th July Sales and of course with the extra 45% further discount, I couldn't resist!
I bought 4 of this slender Container to store all my different flour. I got 4  of them!!
 All purpose flour, Self-rising flour, Bread flour and TOto's whole wheat flour :)

I finally made the decision to standby this extra wok if my existing one dies on me!
I really fell in love with the Cookplus Ceramic Series ...

These locknlock Zen container are just plain cheap and I couldn't resist US$6.99 for 3 containers!?
Who can resist that?

And we ate so much Pasta, it is time for us to commit to one to keep them fresh!
I usually just left them in their original box, not cool.

This Ettom dusting palms are so cute, I gotten 2; one for home another for Hub's car!

I am a baker, so what can I say and with a further 45% discount, this cost me like USD7+!?
No way I am walking away from this good deal! I promise I be a better baker this coming year!

Coming back to Singapore, I had so much claypot food; especially claypot tofu! Although this is NOT claypot material but it looks similar and after discount US$16? Hell, added in cart ...
More new recipes to come!

After Locknlock's GM gifted us a green livng box, my Hub fell in love with them and we gotten 4 living box!
2 of each different size!!
All in Blue colour of course!

And the last item on the list; Carpet at US$4.00 and mircofiber!?
Gotten 2 M-sized rugs, 1 for the kitchen, 1 for the toilet.
Another 2 S-sized rugs; 1 for Hub's car for the dirty TOto and 1 for my feet or comfort!
Lock & Lock ETTOM microfiber shaggy rug S-Netural

I wonder how Hub would react looking at the bill but I actually save him a cool US$86.00! But is man tuned to think this way!? Hahaha, I cannot wait for them to arrive!!

The new batch of Locknlock's gift have arrive, more on this tomorrow!

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