Saturday, July 23, 2011

LocknLock : Pork Stock to Hot & Sour soup!

Still feeling very Jet lagging, cannot get back to sleep at 6am so I wake up and prepare decide to prepare "Pork bone stock" for my kitchen next week.
The ingredients are easy to prepare , but the cooking will take 2 hours.
Ingredient : Pork Bones, White Radish, Garlic, Jujube, Onion and Dried anchovies.
After 2 hours, you get this golden yellow Pork Bone stock!
And I only trust LocknLock Lock & Lock Water Jug with Flip Top Lid to keep this PRECIOUS PORK BONE STOCK fresh in the fridge for a longer period of time! I bought 2 of the jug, one for drinking water and another for Soup stock.

This week, I am trying to finish all my pre-pack sauces.
Alot of the prepack sauces are expiring this year, so everything I cooked this coming fews day are all 'Shortcuts'!

Today's Special, " Hot & Sour Soup"!
Locknlock's products are always great help in the kitchen.
As seen in the picture below are Locknlock's Ceramic series, Glass series bowl (Boroseal) and a Cookplus Stainless Mixing Bowl that I got from Locknlock's Happy Hour Daily's Deal 11pm & 4pm.

Love the cubed tofu.

Ingredient : Enoki Mushroom, Sliced Carrots, Wood ear fungus, Imitation crab meat, cubed tofu and Scraped pork meat from Pork bones.
Snap the unused Tofu into a Lock&Lock BOROSEAL II, Borosilicate Glass Bowl which would ensure it's freshness till the next time you use the tofu.
I decide to use imitation crab meat, and search for another container to keep the rest of the unused crab meat in the fridge and found this Dualock Container.  Just nice!
Add oil to saute the meat and imitation crab meat,
Add in water/stock and prepacked sauce,
Add in rest of the ingredient, and boil,
Prepare cornstarch solution to add.
Look my new carpet from, Lock & Lock ETTOM microfiber shaggy rug!
It is is so comfortable to stand on!

I used the Lock&Lock BOROSEAL II, Borosilicate Glass Bowl as a serving bowl too, so the guest can see all th ingredients I used! Unlike the Hot and sour soup in restaurant this is CHOKE full of real ingredient.

Yummmmieeeee, both of us loves this half shortcut Hot & Sour Soup.
It will be so much better if the weather is cooler!
You bet we'll have more of this during the winter days!

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