Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lock&Lock in Singapore!

I am so surprised to see that Locknlock products has increase over the years in Singapore!
So you know has been expanding and making their presence everywhere!

Still we not as lucky as the customers in USA but we get quite abit here too! Look at the rows of containers to choose from! These are taken from a more High-end Shopping Center in town that caters to the 'Japanese'!
I feels like I am on a 'Secret Mission' field trip!
... Paparazzi  ...
Hahaha kidding, I am going everywhere so I just come to see there is so much of variety of Locknlock here as well! And I can see all of these UP CLOSE and PERSONAL!
Geeez I even spotted the new gifts; Square Lunch Box 3-Piece Set with Insulated Gray Stripe Bag  that Locknlock has just given to me! Although I have to wait till another week to fly back to Texas BUT right infront of my eyes I can have a feel of the lunchbox to give a 'Live' report!
Oh gosh, Locknlock's living box is here as well!
You can be sure my house will be a locknlock showroom when they are ready in Singapore!!
And the next batch of photographs are taken from a everyday, a more 'suburb' grocery, we Singaporean call it our heartland.
Locknlock is everywhere!
I visited a friend's house, she has 2 of the Dualock Bottle and she loves them to bits. With 2 children at home, she needed the convenience, the hygiene and the ease of use from the Dualock bottle!
Singapore is WARM and HUMID, we have to replenish alot of water into our body daily! We sweat like cows and pigs here! I always go home SMELLY, and SWEATY. Which explains the arrays of bottles that are shown here! We are water bottle people, especially for the children and older people!

Can you spot your Locknlock's bottles from the shelf?
And, I overhead a Old Lady commenting to her husband, "Lock-lock is the better brand ..."
And when a Senior lady says that you know you cannot dispute that!

I am glad, I am a Locknlock's Supporter.
And there is a chance to see and feel upclose and personal, they are the official Sponsors of a upcoming Bridal Show in Dallas. Present this coupon from facebook to get a US$2.00 off coupon! It is a great to get locknlock items for the newly weds too! If you are in the area, do go down and visit them, trust me you will see stuffs you definitely need in your home!

I will be back in Dallas soon!

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