Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lock&Lock: Square Lunch Box 3-Piece Set with Insulation Bag

For the longest of time, I wanted to get a lunchbox BUT I cannot decide which one I wanted and now the ever generous has send me a Square Lunch Box 3-Piece Set with Insulated Gray Stripe Bag valued at US$35.00 excluding tax and shipping and with a very pretty Cutlery set of: Rubynia, Spoon and Chopstick valued at US$8.18 excluding tax and shipping!

Thank you,!
Lock&lock Rubynia collections are so pretty!
So flowery so ladylike ...
Oh ya luckily they sent a GREY!
If not how can I get Hubs to test it out in the 'Real' world for me!
A grey lunch bag, yeah he will do it for me ...

A net at the cover, cool can keep some packet of Tomato or chilli sauce, soy sauce, salt or sugar!
Or your cutlery sets can all be slotted there neatly!
Altogether there are 3 containers!
Generous enough for a picnic for 2-4~
Yeah insulated for HOT and COLD, how cool is that ...
I think Hubs will most probably forsake the containers and keep all his bottled cokes with the ICE PACK!
Hubs say the Ice Pack can be kept together inside the container with the "Netted Plastic Holder" to help the food keep cold for dishes like Sushi and Sashimi. I was thinking more on fruits and salads!
This is to support the Ice pack?
So that what is kept underneath remain cold?
And there is one container that has divider!
Different variety of Sushi, different meat type of Gyozas or different fruits kept separated?
Or even different type of biscuits or chips and chocolate?
I love containers with Divider!!! OH and how can we forget TOto' kibbles and all his different variety of biscuits we can bring along when we go out for a picnic!
LocknLock famous airtight, leakproof seal makes it easy when you want to use these containers. There isn't much you need to worry especially leakage from CURRY maybe? Hahaha oh since it is airtight, one of the layer we can keep it exclusively for TOto's kibbles and biscuit too! And that will not effect the other 2 container of me and Hubs' food!
Summer is here soon, there will be ALOT Of outings for our family of 2+1 dog, and this lunchbox set will be a big help especially for someone like me who hate eating out!!
It actually save alot of money to prepare food at home and of course so much healthier with home cook food; less MSG and Salt. And with LocknLock's containers, you can practise 'Portion control'! Open a pack of chips, divide what you should eat and pack them pack in Locknlock's container and the chips will remain FRESH and you will remain SLIM and HEALTHY!

Oh a interesting fact from;
If the container were to be used 10 times a day, it could be used for 821 years(semi-permanently).
Singapore's Locknlock scene coming up next!

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