Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lo mai gai (FAIL) and Gyoza dinner!

I tried to do this "Lo mai gai" with no recipe to follow.
I just soak the rice overnight, then pan fried the rice with oil and some marinate and then cook the rice in rice cooker.Then I marinate the chicken slices, prepare the lapcheong and mushroom. Then I try to panfry the chicken with the lapcheong, and add the ingredient with rice together in this aluminium foil cup thingy.
Looks ok but the taste is just not right, nevermind we just add alot of Belachan Shrimp chilli to eat it with. Maybe because I use chicken breast meat and the marinate is not sweet enough. I will try again SOON because I still have alot of glutinous rice left over from the 'Bachang' episode.
In the end, I stick with what I do best, gyoza!
I can never do any wrong with this!
Dinner Menu on Sunday night; Gyozas and, Hot and spicy soup.
Hubs say this dinner feels so TAIWAN!
Oh if you are a gyoza lover like us, this is the best gyoza dipping sauce we have tried so far!
Look out for it in your grocery store, highly recommended!

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