Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I ♥ Dinner time or NOT!

I ♥ dinner time most!
Because it is the time when Hubs come home, take a short break, then settle down while waiting for dinner to start. And it is also the time when we summarise our day or update each other on what is going on around us ...

But most of the time, it is also the most infuriating time of the day when he doesn't help set up the table, or also doesn't help clean up OR we end up starting a 'arguement' because we don't agree with each other!!! Hmmmmfpppphhh, Love and Hate does exist in the same dimension!

Minced meat soup & Fried Pad Thai
(Still trying to finish all the Prepackaged sauces and boxes of Pad Thai we bought on discount!)

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