Monday, July 18, 2011

How to judge the worth of a WIFE in Singapore?

I was shopping with a girlfriend when I decide to go into a Diamond Jewellery shop; "GH Jewellery". We were looking about for Diamond Engagement ring because Hubs has 'intention' to upgrade mine which he bought it when he was still a pauper!

The Sales-lady asked, what is our budget and how many carats I have in mind. I told her I was looking around because my husband is giving me an "Upgrade".

And the next thing she said," Oh how many children did you have with your husband?"

It is so demeaning, that a WOMAN'S Value in the eyes of the husband is judged by 'How many children can you give your husband in order to justify for an Diamond ring upgrade?' And these words that comes out from another woman is so degrading!!

Have I walked into a Ancient History China drama series?

No, I didn't have children for him but I do believe I am worth so much more! My love for him is not shared and PURELY for him and him alone! Oh I forgoteen; now with TOto, TOto stands in at 98.2%, the rest is his!


  1. Such an old fashion statement! And in a bad way too.

  2. Yes, especially when she is not a old auntie. She is actually very young and have a kid of her own.

    I am not offended by it but I felt kinda of sad. Maybe because I couldn't hv children, and I would be deemed an unworthy wife 'Forever'! haiz ~

  3. We can't please everyone. And not everyone is worth to be pleased. More so that her words are shallow. So long we ourselves are happy =)

  4. You are very right. Have to delete her off my memory!

  5. Haha the problem with kids is that you can't crate them. Dogs are more obedient and less costly! :P That is really an unfair statement to make. Ignorant women with their outdated notions, pffft!

    btw, are you planning to have children? lol.

  6. Don't take it to heart... You are definetly a good wifey who is worthy of so much more!

    That's a funny and old fashion thinking that woman worthness is based on how many kids she has!! :(

  7. @JJ mummy
    That is the common thinking bah, luckily i am oversea no need to be QUESTIONED and being 'Pitied' for not being able to have kids!

  8. Not sure if u got ur upgrade yet. I got my ring from private jeweller in Singapore and highly recommend Josi Gems at Park Mall. Go and see and compare the prices

  9. @Ella,
    My husband didnt follow me back this year but we'll be back again in Oct, maybe I can pull my husband down to take a look. We were looking at! :)



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