Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dough and Bun session at xtine with bffs ♥

The event is supposed to start from 1.00pm - 5.00pm but when there is a HOUSE of woman; it will NEVER happen! Hahaha, in the end, the planned 4 items that I will be showing become 2 items! There were too many chitchats, gossiping, laughings and silly giggling just like back in School and wasted ALOT of time!! But it was a stressed out, enjoyable session with my girlfriends, I  ♥ it!

The real elves at work! I didn't know I looks so serious when I am kneading dough! I guess I was too stressed out! But come to think of it, this is my 3rd session giving 'classes'~ First lesson was a 'Tiramisu Class', 2nd lesson was a 'Almond milk Jelly's session and now this! It was so unbelievable!
There were alot of complaints about the kneading but because there were 4 of us, everyone seems to be enjoying it so much! ME? I am sweating like a PIG PIG PIG, I couldn't stand the heat in the kitchen!

We had another 2 elves in the living room wrapping gyozas!
I was a tad disappointed with the Gyoza, I suspect the quality of the minced meat use was not as up to standard that I usually use.
Luckily xtine's house has lots of cups and bowls like what I had at my Texas's home!
That is very convenient for baking and stuffs ...
The dough rose well despite all our rubbish kneading, hahahaha ...
And the shaping begins ...
I am so excited when the donut puffs up!
And all my stress dissipated at that instant!!!
Look at the star donut, that is SO CUTE, the kiddos would totally LOVE that ...
The donuts puffs even better than what I had done before and the house owner has the first bite!
Everyone was saying how puff up, how soft the donuts were and the reviews was HUGE!
By the time I took this picture, most of the cinnamon donut was finish!

The Sugar Cinnamon was a HUGE HIT!
By the time the Hotdog buns were out, everyone was so full but they still try out one!
These are about 4hours of effort from all of us!
And BabyR loves the donut too!
"Gan bei", Cheers to the successful event!
Sad that the owner have to leave the house before the event wrap up, but I believe we will be back again soon with them in the photographs of course!
It was tiring, sweaty but I had alot of fun!

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