Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lo mai gai (FAIL) and Gyoza dinner!

I tried to do this "Lo mai gai" with no recipe to follow.
I just soak the rice overnight, then pan fried the rice with oil and some marinate and then cook the rice in rice cooker.Then I marinate the chicken slices, prepare the lapcheong and mushroom. Then I try to panfry the chicken with the lapcheong, and add the ingredient with rice together in this aluminium foil cup thingy.
Looks ok but the taste is just not right, nevermind we just add alot of Belachan Shrimp chilli to eat it with. Maybe because I use chicken breast meat and the marinate is not sweet enough. I will try again SOON because I still have alot of glutinous rice left over from the 'Bachang' episode.
In the end, I stick with what I do best, gyoza!
I can never do any wrong with this!
Dinner Menu on Sunday night; Gyozas and, Hot and spicy soup.
Hubs say this dinner feels so TAIWAN!
Oh if you are a gyoza lover like us, this is the best gyoza dipping sauce we have tried so far!
Look out for it in your grocery store, highly recommended!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wanton Soup and others ...

Didn't really try out anything new recently because we didn't have time to go to the Asian Supermarket to do some grocery shopping, so this week are all same-O, same-O!

But I tried out this new wrapping style of wanton.

Ingredient : Minced meat, Cloud ear, Cilantro and Chestnut.
Marinate : Sesame oil, Oyster sauce, fish sauce, salt, sugar and cornstarch
Marinate just the meat longer for a more flavourful wanton!
Ingot style!

Ingot style looks so much prettier than the usual 'Triangular' style.
Cooked with 50% Pork stock and 50% water, of course add sugar, salt and fish sauce as according to taste.
Both hubs and me agree, the ingot style is easier to eat without the excess wanton skin everywhere!
Really nice, now we don't have to go to a Chinese restaurant for their 'Wanton Mee', we can have it at home everyday minus the MSG!!!
This week, I baked a 'Chocolate chip butter cake with leftover walnut'. I need to get Cake flour and Castor sugar for my Chiffon experiment!!!
Another dish this week, Fried Chilli Bee Hoon!
Nasi Lemak, Otak and Mee Siam to come soon?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I ♥ Dinner time or NOT!

I ♥ dinner time most!
Because it is the time when Hubs come home, take a short break, then settle down while waiting for dinner to start. And it is also the time when we summarise our day or update each other on what is going on around us ...

But most of the time, it is also the most infuriating time of the day when he doesn't help set up the table, or also doesn't help clean up OR we end up starting a 'arguement' because we don't agree with each other!!! Hmmmmfpppphhh, Love and Hate does exist in the same dimension!

Minced meat soup & Fried Pad Thai
(Still trying to finish all the Prepackaged sauces and boxes of Pad Thai we bought on discount!)

Monday, July 25, 2011

We ♥ Garlic and dinner for the night!

I am lucky Hubs love garlic in everything! I used it for EVERYTHING; from fried rice, noodles, marinating, soups, baking, stir fry etc etc. My brother just couldn't stand anything GARLIC, and my mom has such a hard time preparing food for us. Well lucky me, Hubs is not as picky as my Brother!

When I see 'Pretty', Big and Fresh garlics I would just buy them in bulk, peel them, mince them and then frozen them for later use! It is ALOT of work, peeling them, and the 'they' burnt the finger so remember to wear disposable gloves!
So far my Cuisinart blender is exclusively just used for blending garlic!!! 
Press 'LO' for 20x.
This batch of minced garlic could last me at least 1-2months?
I guess I will be preparing some Garlic Fried Rice soon!

And for dinner,
I prepared, 'Tomato Based Curry Beef" and "Dried Shrimp Chilli Yam Leaves" 
I ♥ Dried Shrimp Chilli with Vegies!
And for Supper, Hubs request for 2 Plaster Prata!
Geez, it is sooooooooooooo OILY and unhealthy to have Fried Prata in the middle of the night!
But I happily obliged! Hahahaha, I am so EVIL!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Perfect Houswife Day Pt.2 : Coffee Chiffon Swiss Roll with Kaya!

After cleaning up after Laksa, my next plan is Swiss Roll for the Kaya Jam, that I have prepare last week!There is so many different type of Swiss roll recipes, but I decide to use a "Coffee Chiffon cake" recipe for my swiss roll. The recipe only calls for 2 eggs, I wonder is it enough for my tray.

Ingredient : 1tbsp Instant Coffee powder, 20ml Oil, 20ml milk, 2egg yolks, 50gm sugar & 40gm self raising flour. 2egg whites, 1/4 tsp tartar & 20gm sugar.
I was still thinkin the batter was too little, but it did puffs up abit more than I expected.
I roll before the cake cools down and left it this a way to cook.
Spread the Jam and sprinkle some icing sugar.
Viola, dessert!
Recipe is rather simple, and my Hubbie loves it.
But I find it a tad sweet.
Who knows COffee and Kaya would be a great mix together!? It did, and I am glad I chose coffee flavour for my Kaya Jam!

Real Chiffon cake to come soon!

Perfect Houswife Day Pt.1 : Laksa

Before 11am, I have already finish this 2 item!
Fantastico huh!?
What is missing is a jug of Lemonade and I will be the perfect housewife hahaha!

Let's move on to my prepo ...
My last packet of Laksa prepack sauce!
Today I am going to prepare this using Prawns.
Prepare stock using the prawns.
Chopped dried shrimps for the added '3D' ommmphhh!
Add chopped dried shrimp, prepack laksa paste, stock and coconut milk.
Side Ingredient, Eggs and Prawns.
Mini Tau Pok.

Asemble and Viola! 
We love Laksa!
Hubs complain his body is getting VERY HEATY!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

LocknLock : Pork Stock to Hot & Sour soup!

Still feeling very Jet lagging, cannot get back to sleep at 6am so I wake up and prepare decide to prepare "Pork bone stock" for my kitchen next week.
The ingredients are easy to prepare , but the cooking will take 2 hours.
Ingredient : Pork Bones, White Radish, Garlic, Jujube, Onion and Dried anchovies.
After 2 hours, you get this golden yellow Pork Bone stock!
And I only trust LocknLock Lock & Lock Water Jug with Flip Top Lid to keep this PRECIOUS PORK BONE STOCK fresh in the fridge for a longer period of time! I bought 2 of the jug, one for drinking water and another for Soup stock.

This week, I am trying to finish all my pre-pack sauces.
Alot of the prepack sauces are expiring this year, so everything I cooked this coming fews day are all 'Shortcuts'!

Today's Special, " Hot & Sour Soup"!
Locknlock's products are always great help in the kitchen.
As seen in the picture below are Locknlock's Ceramic series, Glass series bowl (Boroseal) and a Cookplus Stainless Mixing Bowl that I got from Locknlock's Happy Hour Daily's Deal 11pm & 4pm.

Love the cubed tofu.

Ingredient : Enoki Mushroom, Sliced Carrots, Wood ear fungus, Imitation crab meat, cubed tofu and Scraped pork meat from Pork bones.
Snap the unused Tofu into a Lock&Lock BOROSEAL II, Borosilicate Glass Bowl which would ensure it's freshness till the next time you use the tofu.
I decide to use imitation crab meat, and search for another container to keep the rest of the unused crab meat in the fridge and found this Dualock Container.  Just nice!
Add oil to saute the meat and imitation crab meat,
Add in water/stock and prepacked sauce,
Add in rest of the ingredient, and boil,
Prepare cornstarch solution to add.
Look my new carpet from, Lock & Lock ETTOM microfiber shaggy rug!
It is is so comfortable to stand on!

I used the Lock&Lock BOROSEAL II, Borosilicate Glass Bowl as a serving bowl too, so the guest can see all th ingredients I used! Unlike the Hot and sour soup in restaurant this is CHOKE full of real ingredient.

Yummmmieeeee, both of us loves this half shortcut Hot & Sour Soup.
It will be so much better if the weather is cooler!
You bet we'll have more of this during the winter days!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I am back in USA: BROWN KAYA!

From Wiki: Coconut Jam
Kaya, also called Srikaya (from the word meaning "rich" in Malay based on its golden color) or coconut egg jam, is a coconut jam made from coconut milk, duck or chicken eggs which are flavored by pandan leaf and sweetened with sugar. The spread originated in Southeast Asia, most likely Indonesia or Malaysia. This is reflected by its tropical ingredients santan (coconut milk) and pandan leaf. Kaya is sweet and creamy. The original color reflects the color of the yolks used in the making. It is sometimes available as a golden brown or green colored spread depending on the amount of pandan and extent of caramelization of the sugar. As a popular local jam, kaya is typically spread on toast to make kaya toast and eaten in the morning but is mostly enjoyed throughout the day.
I asked mom how to do Kaya?
And her reaction, "Haiya, it is very troublesome one!"
I rolled my eyes, what is not troublesome?

Anyway a google check using 'Brown Kaya Recipe', a 1001 recipes would come out.
And I realised the OLD days Kaya recipes are in the ratio 1:1:1.

1 Bowl of Eggs : 1 Bowl of Coconut Milk : 1 Bowl of Sugar.
Easy peasy!

With this I take the can of Coconut milk as my standard bowl.
And to fill the can, I needed 8 eggs.
After adding everything together and blend it with a mixer until sugar dissolves.
I sieved the mixture.
The mixture is watery and BROWN because I used brown sugar.

My double boiler setup.
Note : The boiling water should not touch the top bowl, it should just be the 'steam' cooking the jam.
It starts to cuddle slowly.
I didn't control my fire well enough and the mixture starts to curdle very early in the cooking.
And I have this 'rough' jam, unlike those smooth supermarket type! One problem, I have never seen anyone do it so I didn't know when to STOP COOKING! But I just assume the longer you cook, the dryer the jam, the longer you can keep the jam! I stirred for 1hour ...
But it definitely taste like KAYA and definitely feels very home-made!
I remember the Childhood Kaya that mom always buy from the old grandma who use to sell her homemade kaya and bread at our OLD HDB flat is something like that! Not the type that has this smooth consistency we get from Supermarket.

Yup, the rough consistency confirmed that this Kaya is soooooooo HOME-made.
But of course you can cheat by running the Jam through a blender to smooth everything off, but I love this type of consistency! Swiss Roll next?

Of course I would trust my Kaya Jam, to be kept in LocknLock Zen&Lock series ceramic.
I would trust Locknlock airtight lockage to make sure that the JAM would be kept fresh in the fridge! With just the 2 of us, it will take sometime before we can finish the jam, and if it would be spoilt because of packaging, I would be devasted! The 1hour non-stop stirring would be so wasted!
Set aside to cool off before refrigerating them.
This would make such pretty gift!
Lots of discount, and free gifts with every order.
Hop over to to take a look!
Another 45% with code, HOP on NOW!
A few more days before the code end ...
Starts: Jun 27, 2011
Expires: Jul 25, 2011
What are you still waiting for?
Hubbie is going to KILL me AGAIN!


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