Friday, June 10, 2011

Walnut Butter Cake with Chocolate Chip!

"This is my favourit-est cake in the whole wide world!"
I can have it everyday, and the only shop that sell really good Walnut butter cake is at Bengawan Solo and they are selling it real expensive for a small cake! But now I can do it myself!


But I guess my Hubs won't want to eat the same cake everyday!
Love the crunchiness and the chocolate sweetness with the thick butter saltiness taste!
My Hub just mentioned that I have gotten quicker in the kitchen. Now I don't spend 3-4hours in the kitchen doing some simple recipe. A quick 1 hour and a simple cake is ready!

Practise do make perfect, and not afraid of failure is always the first step to success!
Ingredients (My version):
125g Salted Butter
80g sugar
2 eggs, separated
80g All Purpose flour
20g Almond Meal
4g baking powder
30g chocolate chips
80g Smashed toasted walnuts

350C for 40minutes
Refer to Indonesian Walnut Butter Cake for the step by step.

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