Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Unhealthy Supper!

Recently Hubs has join a Soccer League with his colleagues so he has been playing soccer and losing weight. And usually before his soccer session, he will be having something light such as cake or bread and has his real dinner after the game. And today he went for a 2 hours session and comes back to this, and we had our dinner/supper at 12MN. How not to get fat?

Gyoza again? Usually I make as much as my fillings can be wrapped, and the last batch was about 2 batches! And I also fried my leftover 'Kway teows' that is kept in the fridge donkey weeks ago!
I commented to Hubs, 'This really feels like having some supper at a Singapore local 'Kopitiam."
I should learn to do 'Teh Tarik'!

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