Monday, June 20, 2011

Preparing to go home (ONE) : Packed Beef Bolognese

I am going back home to Singapore in another few days and was preparing some food to be packed in the fridge so that Hub do not have to eat out daily. And one of the dish I am preparing would be Beef Bolognese, it would be easy for Hub to boil some macarons and heat up the sauce.

Let's begin ...

Ingredients : Minced Beef, Hunt's Dice Petite Tomatoes, minced garlic, Cubed Celery, Cubed Carrots, Chopped Onion, Chopped Parsley and 2 different type of Quartered Mushrooms.

Sauce : Ketchup and Maggie Sweet Chilli sauce, salt sugar to taste and thicken with 1tbsp of Cornstarch with water.

The preparation was rather tedious for the first part with all the choppings and slicing, but after this stage everything is easy and this is such a healthy and delicious dish!
Start with oil > garlic > Onion > Carrot > Celery > Parsley and Mushrooms.
The veggies smell so nice by themselves, maybe if you want a vegetarian bolognese you can add your tomatoes at this stage!
BUT NO, we love MEAT!
So I add in the minced beef.
And lastly I added Hunt's Petite Diced Tomatoes!
SO MUCH water came out from all the veggies, so I didn't add in any more broth or white wine.
So the next step is cook till the Bolognese sauce dries up with the beef oil coming out.
Starting to dry slowly, I do not know whether I can keep stirring but I did because I was scared the bottom would get charred. I added 1tbsp of Cornstarch to thicken the sauce, I also added Ketchup and Maggie Sweet chilli sauce to thicken the taste. Last of last step, salt and sugar to taste. I added ALOT MORE sugar, because I like it sweet ...
Hopefully these can last Hub a few homemade meal.
I be preparing Beef Stroganoff tomorrow ...
And of course I continue with DINNER!
I am trying to finish whatever is left in the fridge ...
And a Butter Walnut CAKE at night!
I bet Hub is going to miss all these food for the month I am not around!!

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