Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Preparing to go home III : Packed Taiwan Braised Pork Belly and MORE Kare-bun!

I spent my last day in Texas preparing food and more food!! And also to mention the hours and hours of housechores; vacumming, washing the clothes and bedsheets, cleaning up the kitchen etc etc etc ...

Anyway, today I will be preparing Taiwanese Braised Pork Belly, one of my Hubs favorite food!
Chopping and peeling of onions and garlics took up alot of time, but the rest of the steps are a breeze!
I had some Potato Curry fillings leftovers, Hubs suggested to do MORE kare-bun! He says,'How much are the egg, flour and butter for the dough?' Ya he is right, all these are not much $$$ but the time to prepare the dough is PRICELESS! But since he requested, I obliged!

I am low in Castor Sugar, so I prepared Sugar Glaze using powdered sugar and milk.
Looks so sinfully YUMMY!
2nd time round the Kare-bun (Curry Bun) looks so much BETTER and PRETTIER!
 I can sell them in STORE!
Of course we cannot finish all in one sitting.
I use my Silby Ceramic Dome Style Container set that I bought from to display them for the nice photoshoot, so I can show my readers how pretty my Buns are with my pretty plate cum container!
And when I cannot finish them, yap snap snap snap!
They are set for the night.
NO FLIES, no cockroaches, no lizards and no dust will GET to them! And if Hubs like them warm, he can just set them in the microwave and 'Ding' for 30 seconds! How convenient! is having a Independence Day promotion from June 21 - Jul 5!
Don't miss this good opportunity to get some Locknlock items that you have missed out, especially the Silby Ceramic Dome Style Container set that can be used directly on the dining tables as normal plates and snap on the lids as containers to keep the food in your fridge! And they are on 30% discount! Your guests would be so impressed, I know mine did!
Of course there are lots of item that are on Special Discounts and Promotions as well!
Don't miss it this time round!
Coming back to my home, hopefully my 3 days of Preparation can last my Hubs some more days of Home-cooked food! He can delay his Subways, Pizzas, Church's fried chicken and In-and-Out Burger for another week or so! My freezer are choked full of homemade goodies and some pizzas for his lazy days!
So tired, flying off tomorrow

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