Friday, June 24, 2011

My 29 hours way home...

From Texas Dallas/Fort Worth International DFW Airport to Houston Intercontinental IAH Airport to Moscow Domodedovo Airport to Singapore Changi Airport.

Starting point ...
After a LONG 1.5 hour QUEUE in DFW airport! Their airport name is 'IMPRESSIVE' but their service is so third world! The queue right infront of me was really not that long, but I had to queue for about an hour plus! I thought I would almost be late!
I always request for aisle seat.
45minutes flight, I am at Houston IAH.
The transition wait is only for about 60minutes.
In total, there is about 2 dinner, and 2 breakfast.
This is one of  the 2 meals I had, Kung Pao Chicken with fried rice.
And Chicken fried noodle.
This photo is take at the last leg at Moscow Airport, can you see the relief in my face?
Another 10 hours to go ...
Finally after 29 hours; home sweet home ..
Struggled not to sleep to turn back my body clock!

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