Thursday, June 16, 2011

Minced Pork, Chives and mushroom Panfried Bun (菜菇豬肉餡餅)

Another to-try list strike off.
I was preparing a big pot of Minced Pork Filling for the next batch of Potstickers. Only after I finish the fillings did I realised that I didn't have alot of wrapper left. So I was left with 2 choice, either to prepare the Potstickers' wrapping myself or maybe I should try out the  Panfried Bun that I had always wanted to try!

My Potstickers preparation's table setup!
I managed to make 9 out of the leftover fillings.
Panfried both sides.
Add water and cooked till water dry.
I guess there are some tear in the Bun skin, so the oil was splattering everywhere!
But it was surprisingly yummmmieeee, and we manage to finish all!
I was still thinking what if there is leftover, but lucky us ...
It was too good to be leftovers!
I still have another fresh batch of Potsticker in my freezer!
On the same day I baked a new batch of  Walnut & Chocolate Chip Butter Cake!
I just love this cake, and can have it EVERYDAY ...
All in a day's work.

Reference the Panfried Bun skin :

•麵粉(plain flour)180克
•熱水 6湯匙
•凍水 3湯匙


1.篩過的麵粉放入一大碗中。把煮滾(煮開)的水6湯匙,放涼一點,約 80度C. 拌入麵粉中,拌勻成粒狀(見上圖 2)。
2.逐一湯匙凍水拌入麵粉粒中,然後搓至表面不黏手為止(見上圖 3)。碗中掃點油,蓋上濕布,讓粉團靜置30分鐘。
3.在工作檯上,灑點麵粉防黏。把粉團搓至長條型,分成10等份。搓成圓球狀,用手掌輕壓扁,然後用桿子 rolling pin 桿成圓餅形(見上圖 4)。包入韭菜豬肉餡料。收口朝下 (妙法:收口可剪去多餘麵團,口感好一點)(見上圖 5及6)。

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