Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lock&Lock: Steam Sliced fish with tofu & Mushroom w vermicilli using Zen&Lock Esly Ceramic

Tonight is the night ; Maverick VS Miami heat!!

We are back home rather late without dinner and I had to whip up dinner at the very last minute!
Luckily I had thawed the fish and since we are having dinner at 9pm, I think we should have something light!!

And this is our healthy dinner using Zen&Lock Esly Ceramic Container!
Ingredients Estimate :
Sliced the fish and tenderised the fish with cornstarch solution with salt.
Sliced the tofu, teriyaki mushroom and yellow chives.
Soak vermicilli with boiling water.
Lay the bottom of the Zen&Lock Esly Rectangular Ceramic Container with the soaked vermicilli.
And arrange all the ingredient anyway you like!
Drench with the follow mixture; 1tbsp of so soy sauce, 1 tbsp of fish sauce, 1/4 cup of chicken stock, 1/2 tbsp of sesame oil and 3 tsp of sugar. And don't forget to add pepper on top!
I use aluminium foil wrap to cover the container.
And used a metal steamer holder to hold theZen&Lock Esly Rectangular Ceramic Container into my steamer!
I can easily hold the Zen&Lock Esly Rectangular Ceramic Container with a metal steamer holder because of the sides that is used for their snap on lid. There are so many times I clumsily burnt myself or flipped the plate while trying to get the hot steaming plate out of the steamer! I am so going to use the Zen&Lock Esly Ceramic  for all my steaming purpose!!!
Steam for 15-20minutes.
And the leftover tofu is kept in my Lock&Lock BOROSEAL II, Borosilicate Glass Round container to maintain its freshness for later use!
20 minutes later ...
A simple dinner served ...
And of course Maverick won!

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