Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lock&Lock : Mandoo Lunch and some korean sides!

I prepared  the 'Mandoo' which meant dumpling in Korean; yesterday. 
I am calling it Mandoo this time round,  because I used Korean Chives! So this make my Pan-fried dumplings 'Korean'!
Ingredient List: Korean chivesground pork, fish sauce, soy sauce, dumpling skins, salt&sugar, sesame oil, Shiitake mushrooms, sugar, vegetable oil for Pan frying, 1tbsp of Cornstarch and water. 
Took the Mandoo out from the fridge; I use  Lock&Lock Freezer Lock Container to store my Mandoo, it prevents the Mandoo from sticking into each other.
Add about 1 tablespoon of oil in the Cookplus Ceramic Frying Pan.
Nicely arrange them in the Cookplus Ceramic Frying Pan!
Pan fry them without stirring for a while, and add water which is mix with a tablespoon of Cornstarch to almost cover half of the Mandoo. The additional one tablespoon of Cornstarch will create a layer crispy bottom. Cook till water dry!
While waitng for the Mandoo to cook, I prepare my Korean Gojuchang Side Dish that I bought from Hmart!

I trust the container to be 'Stain free' from the red colour of the Gojuchang and also keep the fridge 'Odour-free' with their tight lid!
Look at this slimy stuffs, it taste YUMMMY!
The Lock&Lock BOROSEAL II, Borosilicate Glass Round, 2.8-Cup's size was just the right size to store it.

Every Boroseal Glass Containers have their own individual personalised lid!
So no worries whether you need a rectangular ones or a circular ones, they have it all!
See easy cleaning, no scrubbing needed!
After some delay, my Silby Ceramic Dome Style Container 3P Set is finally here. And I used the 7" plate container to contain my Mandoo. Their plate are deeper so it keep more food and prevents them from falling out! Even my Hubs noted the difference and was wondering where I got the plate container! Haha Hubs gave a thumbs up for the plate container! My hubs says,'Wah this is so convenient, cannot finish just snap the lid and put in fridge hor?' You are right Hubs!

Our very Simple Korean style Brunch!
Spot my Lock&Lock containers in my refrigerator ...
They make my fridge looks so neat!
My hubs simply just love Mandoo aka Gyoza, aka 锅贴, blindly!
So it is easy to make him happy!

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