Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lock&Lock - Hot Hot Summer with Lock&Lock Jug

From Wikipedia :
Grass jelly, or Leaf jelly, is a jelly-like dessert found in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. It is sold in cans or packets in Asian supermarkets.
Grass Jelly are known for their 'Cooling and detoxifying' properties but most importantly they QUENCH THIRST, especially in HOT HOT HOT Texas when everyday is 100F! The heat is killing me!!! And yah  SODAs are extremely UNHEALTHY!

Try this out ...
I bought mine from Ranch99 Supermarket. Cook a pot of Sugar syrup using rock sugar and set aside. Either shred the grass jelly or cubed it, sliced it; just make it bite size!
Add the Grass Jelly, Sugar syrup and lots of Ice; Viola! ~
It's design is slim and I can easily slip the jug in my fridge, dimension; 10.0 x 4.1 x 10.2inch.
The Jug has a four-locking system on lid for secure seal, preventing leaks and spills
The all famous 'All around' Lock&lock rubber seal that prevent leakage!
And of course I use Lock&lock Eco Cup daily for everything hot or cold; coffee, tea, water, lemonade or Ice sweet tea. I love their Eco Cup's lid and sleeves which are made from medical grade silicon for their quality! I love that the lid helps to keep my hot coffee warm but it also helps keep the DUST and Insects OFF my drink!
I am very anal about cups or jugs without lid or cover, you never know what gets into your water!!
Oh the lid also helps to keep odour from the fridge contaminating plain ice water!!
Aaaaah, now can start to write my blog with my 'Ice cold grass jelly drink'!
So cooling ♥ ...


  1. hee, just a concidence. I did the grass jelly drink too for my husband who is recovering from a bad cold. I used honey instead of sugar, it's healthier and better on the throat too.

  2. My hubs is very very SWEET TOOTH! Honey wont be sweet enough for him!! I added rock sugar and gula melaka! For me I have to dilute the drink with ALOT ALOT Of ice lo. My hubs can drink like 1 bottle of 2litre coke per day! I see liao also scared!!

  3. wah seh. I thought my husband has sweet tooth, your hubby is even more scary. Ya, you shld try to cut down his sugar and soda.



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