Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lock&Lock : 3rd batch of gifts for review and MORE gifts!

This month Lock&lock supporters will be receiving items from the Zen&Lock series! These tableware series are lead-free and has Nano silver technology applied to check, and decrease the proliferation of bacteria and staphylococcus. And they can be used in the microwave, dishwasher and oven

They look so pretty to serve your dishes in!

Together with this month gifts for lock&lock supporter, will be a Lock & Lock Eco Mug, 2-Cup Size, Brown. This is just perfect for my morning coffee everyday! I have it in another smaller size that I gotten as free gifts from my previous order from Lock&, yesh you get gift for every order made from Lock& Hubs is using one for his office and I will now get the BIGGER one for use at home for my Daily COFFEE fix!
Lock&lock unlike other ceramics that I have used are relatively LIGHT-weight and surprisingly not as fragile! It is definitely comparable to Corelle in term of their weight. So don't be fooled by the size! Quick take a look at their Ceramic Tableware Series which comes with personalised lids that are so convenient to use! Now I can just keep the leftover dishes right into the fridge with the lid; HOW CONVENIENT! 


Some of the other gifts that I gotten from Lock&lock from my visit to Lock&lock's showroom.

Lock&Lock BOROSEAL II, Borosilicate Glass Round, 8-Piece Set/4-Containers. These are really good to store food in fridge! 3 of the Borosilicate Glass Rectangular containers that I gotten from the 2nd batch of gifts are still locked in the fridge for storing precious Home-made chilli paste! These are 'stain-proof', 'water proof' and award winning; need I say more?

Another box awaiting to be unpack; Lock&Lock BPA free Airtight container 28Piece set / 14containers. Gosh I have to repack my pantry and just repacked everything in my Lock&lock airtight containers!
Thanks for your generosity, Lock&lock!
I love everything!
Thank you again!
My home now looks like a mini Locknlock's showroom too!

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