Saturday, June 4, 2011

In and OUT burger and a movie!

In and Out Burger is still very hot but of course the hype has die down!
But then we still have to queue like 25 minutes to order, and another 5 minutes for the burger!

It is so rare to see a burger joint so PACKED here!
Usually people do take out, very seldom do people sit in Burger Joint for their meal.
Especially when it is 9pm at night!
The infamous burger!
Hub's colleague was with us, which explain the 3rd burger!
I am not a burger person but can definitely spot a good burger, and to me this is about Wendys' standard. I really don't understand; why the hype!? But their marketing tactics proves to work! I mean people queue overnight on their opening day, and the queue was like 3-4hours daily for the 1-2weeks!
And off to a movie nextm, finally after like Eternity!
I have watched Part 1-3 of Pirates of the Carribean but Part 4 ; Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides really cannot compare. To me it seems like a cheapskate budgeted storyline movie, with a generous $$$ and alot of megastars thrown in. The story is by itself, and really cannot match up with the first 3 parts!

A waste of USD30.00 to go for their 3D-Imax's experience!
We are early so some camwhoring!
We watched the 10.25pm show, and the cinema is so DEAD!
10.25pm in Singapore is still 人山人海, I wonder where are all the 'Human beans' here, what they do at night!? The night life here is terrible, nothing much to do and yet the Cinema is still so empty!!!

Hopefully I can watched Kungfu Panda-2 next!

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