Saturday, June 11, 2011

4 course meal at $15 in Red Lobster!

It is very rare to see Red Lobster Restaurant having a promotion and 4 course meal at US$15.00 is cheap! Finally I can go to take a look inside Red Lobster!!
Right infront of the restaurant there is a tank of 'live' Lobster!
A dark and moody restaurant ...
Look at how happy I am!!
Our Salad, soups and biscuits is here!
I had Caesar Salads while Hubs has Garden Salads; and our Clam Chowder is GOOD!
I love their Biscuits but I still prefer bread!
My Chicken and Shrimps is here!
It is very yummmieee, and the grilled chicken tasted good because it was marinated very well. And I especially love the mash potatoes witll all the flavours!
Hubs grilled fish is a tad dry.
I don't really like it and I think hubs don't really like it too!
In the end I gave away 3/4 of my plate because I hate CHICKEN BREAST MEAT, too dry for me!
Hahahaha, Hubs ate ALOT!
And we still had dessert!
A triple chocolate brownie and a traditional key lime pie!
We had to do to-go for our desserts!!
In the end this is the ONLY meal for the day!
Worth the $$$ right!

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