Thursday, June 30, 2011

2 trips to Phoon Huat in a week!

I am in Baker's paradise!
I have been to 2 Phoon Huat just this week!
And the Clementi's branch is so much bigger than the one in Marsiling!!
Clementi's branch open at 10am!
Bought this from Marsiling's Branch.
Chwee Kuey Alumium mold, and a Donut cutter!
Got more stuffs from Clementi's branch.
Aluminium Foil for 'Lor Mai Kai'; Steamed Chicken Glutinous rice.
And Aluminium Tin for cupcakes or chicken pie! And a small bottle of Green tea powder for the chiffon cakes, bread or cheesecake! Erm, Hubs likes green tea thingy ...
See all these pretty cookie cutter @ about S$5.00 each!
And I also gotten 2, 17cm Chiffon Aluminium Tin.
I can practise Chiffon cake when I goes back, Hubs love Chiffon!
More Bakery Supplies stuffs to come ...
I am considering Pullman Tin for bread and definitely getting Plastic Mooncake mould and Ang Ku Kueh mould!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LocknLock : Character Stainless Steel Water Bottle and MORE DISCOUNT!

Guess who was with me throughout the 29 hour transition and flight! The faithful 'Boooo Sheep' Character Stainless Steel Water Bottle (1.25-Cup, 10-Fluid Ounces)! This is NOT for kids only, I use it too! Hahahaha, I bring it everywhere with me. In USA, Water cooler are everywhere to quench thirst, so a smaller water bottle are so much convenient and lighter for my poor aching shoulder!! And I will just refilled whenever needed!

On flight, I usually ask the stewardess to refill my apple juice in my bottle.
Plastics are not recyleable; Save the world! Plus using a bottle prevent spillage so much better than a flimsy plastic cup, I can keep my bottle anywhere and have a piece of mind they doesn't spill.
I used to have a similar size plastic bottle and it starts to smell bad even with the constantly washing. The odor even contaminate the water that I bottled. Plus plastic bottles usually cannot be use with hot water! Anyway, not long after using the Plastic Bottle, it has this layer of bacteria built up formed at the bottom, and that is so disgusting I have to throw it away. 

I decided to get a Stainless steel bottle no doubt they are more expensive but they do last longer and are much more healthier to use than PLASTIC! You drinks will stay cooler, longer in your stainless steel bottle and stainless steel doesn't retain odors like Plastic bottles. And on cold cold winter, it act as a warmer for your cold cold fingers because stainless steel can handle hot liquid well but beware it might burnt you! AND Stainless steel bottles are recyable thus environmental friendly. has the Character Stainless Water Bottles in more than 4 designs; vibrant colour!
I love it that the Screw top lid is attached to the body with a lanyard to keep the klutzy me from misplacing the lid. GOOD for people like me who has a scattered brain. Of course so much better for your "careless'"children, this reduces the likelihood of your child misplacing the lid and then having to replace the whole bottle!

The opening of the bottle is wide enough to for easy access washing of the bottle! And the Upper portion of lid has a silicone lining to ensure the tightest seal around the bottle opening, preventing leaks and spillage.
All right and NOW the BIG BIG BIG news, I have wrote that are having a Independence day special on their website and what is best? We are informed that there is a SPECIAL 40% discount featured in's forum.

After the 40% discount slickdeals each bottle is merely US$7.70-US$8.70 before shipping.

Starts: Jun 27, 2011
Expires: Jul 5, 2011
Oh, I am so going to get more of their Cookplus Ceramic Series, Cookplus Ceramic in Wok Red (11.0-Inch). Select Cookware are having discount up to 70% discount and that is before the 40% discount coupon!!

After 40% discount US$17.64 before shipping and tax!

Or should I just get the WHOLE SET, Lock&Lock Cookplus Ceramic 10-Pieces Set 04; they look so pretty!! And it will be US$126.00 after 40% discount excluding tax and shipping.
This is a yummmilicious slickdeals!
Ok I am still surfing for all the goodies that I am going to get, my Hubs is so going to kill me. SO I have to submit a PROPOSAL of food I can thus prepare with my new cookware! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rojak & Hongkong mee!

My first Singapore meal...
Mom is busy with work, so I have the luxury to eat out everyday!
And I had Hongkong mee consecutively for 2 days!!
I love Singapore, I am ONE streets away from a foodcourt with at least 6 different stores!
Where I stay in Texas, I need to walk about 20 minutes for food; western food!

Friday, June 24, 2011

My 29 hours way home...

From Texas Dallas/Fort Worth International DFW Airport to Houston Intercontinental IAH Airport to Moscow Domodedovo Airport to Singapore Changi Airport.

Starting point ...
After a LONG 1.5 hour QUEUE in DFW airport! Their airport name is 'IMPRESSIVE' but their service is so third world! The queue right infront of me was really not that long, but I had to queue for about an hour plus! I thought I would almost be late!
I always request for aisle seat.
45minutes flight, I am at Houston IAH.
The transition wait is only for about 60minutes.
In total, there is about 2 dinner, and 2 breakfast.
This is one of  the 2 meals I had, Kung Pao Chicken with fried rice.
And Chicken fried noodle.
This photo is take at the last leg at Moscow Airport, can you see the relief in my face?
Another 10 hours to go ...
Finally after 29 hours; home sweet home ..
Struggled not to sleep to turn back my body clock!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Preparing to go home III : Packed Taiwan Braised Pork Belly and MORE Kare-bun!

I spent my last day in Texas preparing food and more food!! And also to mention the hours and hours of housechores; vacumming, washing the clothes and bedsheets, cleaning up the kitchen etc etc etc ...

Anyway, today I will be preparing Taiwanese Braised Pork Belly, one of my Hubs favorite food!
Chopping and peeling of onions and garlics took up alot of time, but the rest of the steps are a breeze!
I had some Potato Curry fillings leftovers, Hubs suggested to do MORE kare-bun! He says,'How much are the egg, flour and butter for the dough?' Ya he is right, all these are not much $$$ but the time to prepare the dough is PRICELESS! But since he requested, I obliged!

I am low in Castor Sugar, so I prepared Sugar Glaze using powdered sugar and milk.
Looks so sinfully YUMMY!
2nd time round the Kare-bun (Curry Bun) looks so much BETTER and PRETTIER!
 I can sell them in STORE!
Of course we cannot finish all in one sitting.
I use my Silby Ceramic Dome Style Container set that I bought from to display them for the nice photoshoot, so I can show my readers how pretty my Buns are with my pretty plate cum container!
And when I cannot finish them, yap snap snap snap!
They are set for the night.
NO FLIES, no cockroaches, no lizards and no dust will GET to them! And if Hubs like them warm, he can just set them in the microwave and 'Ding' for 30 seconds! How convenient! is having a Independence Day promotion from June 21 - Jul 5!
Don't miss this good opportunity to get some Locknlock items that you have missed out, especially the Silby Ceramic Dome Style Container set that can be used directly on the dining tables as normal plates and snap on the lids as containers to keep the food in your fridge! And they are on 30% discount! Your guests would be so impressed, I know mine did!
Of course there are lots of item that are on Special Discounts and Promotions as well!
Don't miss it this time round!
Coming back to my home, hopefully my 3 days of Preparation can last my Hubs some more days of Home-cooked food! He can delay his Subways, Pizzas, Church's fried chicken and In-and-Out Burger for another week or so! My freezer are choked full of homemade goodies and some pizzas for his lazy days!
So tired, flying off tomorrow

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Preparing to go home 2 : Packed Beef Stroganoff and Japanese Curry Bun!

Today I spent almost 45minutes preparing ...
And 3 hours of simmering the beef to goodness melt in your mouth tenderness ...

2nd part of the day I tried fried dough AGAIN!
Japanese Curry Bun (Kare-pan)
Recipe of Dough from : Sweet Donut (甜甜圈) II

Wrap fillings in dough.
Dip dough in egg wash, and dunk it in breadcrumbs gently!
Deep fry
Oh and someone solve the mystery of the oil frying thingy!
The oil is not deep enough thus the dough is very near the bottom. And bottom is too near the 'fire', that is the reason why no matter how I control the fire, my doughnut still got burnt!! The oil temperature will be more consistent and easier to control if the oil is deeper!!
And the negative side of ALL OF THESE.
I gain weight like nobody business, fat fat me!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Preparing to go home (ONE) : Packed Beef Bolognese

I am going back home to Singapore in another few days and was preparing some food to be packed in the fridge so that Hub do not have to eat out daily. And one of the dish I am preparing would be Beef Bolognese, it would be easy for Hub to boil some macarons and heat up the sauce.

Let's begin ...

Ingredients : Minced Beef, Hunt's Dice Petite Tomatoes, minced garlic, Cubed Celery, Cubed Carrots, Chopped Onion, Chopped Parsley and 2 different type of Quartered Mushrooms.

Sauce : Ketchup and Maggie Sweet Chilli sauce, salt sugar to taste and thicken with 1tbsp of Cornstarch with water.

The preparation was rather tedious for the first part with all the choppings and slicing, but after this stage everything is easy and this is such a healthy and delicious dish!
Start with oil > garlic > Onion > Carrot > Celery > Parsley and Mushrooms.
The veggies smell so nice by themselves, maybe if you want a vegetarian bolognese you can add your tomatoes at this stage!
BUT NO, we love MEAT!
So I add in the minced beef.
And lastly I added Hunt's Petite Diced Tomatoes!
SO MUCH water came out from all the veggies, so I didn't add in any more broth or white wine.
So the next step is cook till the Bolognese sauce dries up with the beef oil coming out.
Starting to dry slowly, I do not know whether I can keep stirring but I did because I was scared the bottom would get charred. I added 1tbsp of Cornstarch to thicken the sauce, I also added Ketchup and Maggie Sweet chilli sauce to thicken the taste. Last of last step, salt and sugar to taste. I added ALOT MORE sugar, because I like it sweet ...
Hopefully these can last Hub a few homemade meal.
I be preparing Beef Stroganoff tomorrow ...
And of course I continue with DINNER!
I am trying to finish whatever is left in the fridge ...
And a Butter Walnut CAKE at night!
I bet Hub is going to miss all these food for the month I am not around!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lock&Lock - Hot Hot Summer with Lock&Lock Jug

From Wikipedia :
Grass jelly, or Leaf jelly, is a jelly-like dessert found in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. It is sold in cans or packets in Asian supermarkets.
Grass Jelly are known for their 'Cooling and detoxifying' properties but most importantly they QUENCH THIRST, especially in HOT HOT HOT Texas when everyday is 100F! The heat is killing me!!! And yah  SODAs are extremely UNHEALTHY!

Try this out ...
I bought mine from Ranch99 Supermarket. Cook a pot of Sugar syrup using rock sugar and set aside. Either shred the grass jelly or cubed it, sliced it; just make it bite size!
Add the Grass Jelly, Sugar syrup and lots of Ice; Viola! ~
It's design is slim and I can easily slip the jug in my fridge, dimension; 10.0 x 4.1 x 10.2inch.
The Jug has a four-locking system on lid for secure seal, preventing leaks and spills
The all famous 'All around' Lock&lock rubber seal that prevent leakage!
And of course I use Lock&lock Eco Cup daily for everything hot or cold; coffee, tea, water, lemonade or Ice sweet tea. I love their Eco Cup's lid and sleeves which are made from medical grade silicon for their quality! I love that the lid helps to keep my hot coffee warm but it also helps keep the DUST and Insects OFF my drink!
I am very anal about cups or jugs without lid or cover, you never know what gets into your water!!
Oh the lid also helps to keep odour from the fridge contaminating plain ice water!!
Aaaaah, now can start to write my blog with my 'Ice cold grass jelly drink'!
So cooling ♥ ...


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