Thursday, May 5, 2011

A very dis·ap·point·ed Sushi Dinner

This is the reason why I hate to try out new food, I AM SO DISSAPOINTED!
Maybe it is just not value for money!
Maybe I have higher standard for Japanese food ...
Or maybe I have higher expectation on such cosy Japanese Restaurant.
Ko Sushi & Grill
4904 Main Street, The Colony, TX 75056-2249
(972) 370-2717 ‎
This particular restaurant is right behind where we lived and we have driven pass several times making the comment about coming in to try it out. Finally we did. I expected it to be pricey but I was thinking maybe the quality of the food will be good enough to compensate the price.

I orderd their Dinner Menu Teriyaki Chicken - $10.50, served w/ Soup, Salad, variety of cooked Vegetables & Steam Rice. Their salad is not too bad but the soup taste very INSTANT.
When the Teriyaki Chicken came I was so dissapointed! This doesn't look anything like the 'Japanese Style' Teriyaki that I am used to. This just look Stir Fry to me! Japanese Style Teriyaki usually meant GRILLED style with the crispy sweet chicken skin! WTH!? Luckily Hubs knew that I always get 'cheated' by the American termed Chicken Teriyaki thus he didn't order any main entre and share this meal with me. The only commendable is the stir fry veggie, I likey!
Their Caterpillar Role, so-so; not restaurant standard; it is just Avocado, and Teriyaki Eel.
The usual caterpillar roll I had; usually have Tempura Prawns.
Their sexy-roll, I cannot taste much of anything especially the salmon.
It just tasted sweet to me!
I am not impressed especially with the price attached to average standard food. They are not yucky but just not over the top. And after tax and tips we paid almost USD50.00. Maybe from where I come from, I have a much higher standard for Japanese food.

After the Teriyaki Chicken arrives, I almost wanted to ask the Japanese speaking 'Owner' and 'Chef' whether they have been to Japan.

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