Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Simple & Easy : Bombay Toast

My mom would often prepare this simple dish for me and my brother when we are young; and Bombay toast is the first few dish that I learn in my Home economics class in my Secondary school days. It is a very simple dish to prepare but it is absolute delish, I LOVE it. And I would usually whipped up this dish when I have alot of bread that is expiring soon. It is a good way to eat alot of breads at one go!

2 Jumbo eggs beaten, with a dash of salt.
Bread cut into halves; 3-4pieces.
Heat pan, add oil onto the Cookplus Ceramic Frying Pan.
Dip the 2 sides of the bread into the beaten eggs
And, pan fry each side of the bread.
Flip when one side of the egg is cook. Try not to get distracted because the Cookplus Ceramic Frying Pan conduct heat VERY WELL! Hahaha, reminder to self, LOWER HEAT! Burnt QUICK! 
Simple dish, easy preparation.
Happiness = full-filling snack.


  1. I love bombay toast since the first time I cook it during our home econ class. :D

  2. Yeah me too, you cannot imagine HOW MANY pieces I can eat at one go!!



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