Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ordered More Lock&Lock Items

Did you visit Lock&Lock recently?

There are a few promotions going on and I have gotten some new items taking advantage of their promotions! These are the items that I have gotten!
View lock1

I took advantage of Lock&Lock "Happy Hour deals" at 11am & 4am to get the "Big Water Jug w/ Flip Top Lid, 2 Set" for USD9.99! A Huge jug that I can use to keep the Chicken stock that I always prepare to keep it in the fridge for daily use! I always have problems keeping this Soup-stock and by using my Pots to keep the stock in the fridge, it took up a HUGE chunk of space! With this 3 litre jugs, I can save some space and also use the other extra jug to prepare some Iced sweet tea!


I also took advantage of another promotion which is on-going, 50% off Customer Favorite Set Special”, that is going on till 26 May 2011. I have gotten the "Silby Ceramic Dome Style Container 3P Set 6"(1P), 7"(1P),8"(1P) (Plain Body)" for USD19.99.
It is too good of a deal to be missed.
Don't missed it this time round!
Can’t wait for these items to arrive for reviews!

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