Friday, May 6, 2011

Olympus Stylus µ TOUGH-6020

We orderd our Underwater cam for the year! Yeah, I have had  3 underwater camera in the past and 2 of them was killed via carelessness. But then if camera are slippery what do you expect right?

The 2nd Underwater camera by Sony, was killed when Hubs was climbing back to the boat after Snorkelling and the camera was hanging off his elbows, the camera was accidentally knocked on the boat. DEAD on the SPOT! The 2nd Fujifilm Underwater camera was purchased for the sole purchase of us travelling to Cancun at the very last minute but it was KILLED when I drop it on solid concrete ground at a Dog Swimming event last year!

And this coming Saturday, there is a "K9-Kerplunk" event for TOto.

So there you go, our 4th underwater camera! I would have preferred the latest model but Hubs managed to convinced his way out because reason used was; we seldom use the 'underwater' camera. And at current, I have 1 DSLR (Canon), 3 digital camera (Sony, Canon & Panasonic) and now a Olympus Stylus for us to 'Rough' it out! So we chosen the most Value for Money, Olympus Stylus  µ TOUGH-6020 @ USD169.99 from
Olympus Stylus Tough 6020 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD

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Doesn't feel very sturdy to me, very thin metal.
Camera feels very light ...

Made in China, duhz ...

This area is the most important part of a underwater camera.
It sure feels very LOCK but seriously we have to test it out to find out especially when they have; shockproof to 1.5m, waterproof to 5m and freezeproof to -10°C
Camera size feels just right in my hand, I guess it would feel smaller for Hubs!
Buttons are typical Olympus style.
But it seems easy to navigate especially with the dedicated 'Video' button, I love that on a camera!

Made in China Battery.
USB charger, bleah ~

Slightly bigger as compared to my Canon SD780.

Feels filmsly, thin metal ...
I guess in order for the Camera to Survive LONGER, I got to still treat it with CARE and not 'ROUGHT IT OUT' with it! Drop the camera from 5m? Ha! I would SERIOUSLY want to try BUT hahaha I don't want to throw a good USD170.00 away!

More reviews after I come back from the doggy swimming event!

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