Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend Eatout!

I usually don't cook during weekend, so I be 'showcasing' our recent Boring Food Adventure!

@Cheesecake factory;
 On a Friday night just because Hubs says he want to eat fish!
I love their brown bread; soft sweet and yummy! We always ask for 2nd ...
Appetiser, stuffed mushroom!
Hubs version of fish; 'Fish Taco'!
Mexican cuisine usually comes with Beans and rice.
Heeee, my spaghetti with prawns, teriyaki chicken, asparagus, toasted tomatoes and prawns!
@  MacDonald;
Waiting for our 20piece nuggets while taking a short break driving to our next destination!
@ JS Chen;
For our weekly Dim Sum!
Brinjal with shrimp paste but I find it bitter, yeeww ...
I ♥ Dim Sum!
Hubs favourite 'Chee Cheong Fun'.
Alot of food for 2 pax!!
Cajun's Crawfish offered to us by our friendly neighbours who cannot finish their food!
It was delicious, we love it. But the 'meat' in crawfish very little!
@ Home;
Stuffing myself with cherries just because cherries season is HERE!
I be on a detox programme next week 'OFFICIALLY' so my kitchen will be closing for the next ....... days! I have yet to decide on how many days! Hahaha the faster the weight is lost, the faster it will end. But I still be cooking/baking for Hubs. So now it will be cooking for 1. But I will not be experimenting new food for these days that my body is OUT!

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