Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lock&Lock : Sweet Sambal Chilli Seafood Cheese Baked rice!

What's for dinner tonight?
Sambal Chilli Seafood (Mussels & prawns) Cheese Baked Rice.
I love Seafood, Sambal chilli, and cheese?

Let just do it!
This is a hit with us, haha just 2 of US!

The Sambal Chilli paste recipe is like a 'Secret' heirloom recipe which my mother won't even pass it to me! My mom would prepare the Chilli paste secretly at home, and I would bring it over to USA annually; so I couldn't share the Sambal chilli paste with you but that recipe could be easily found online by searching for Sambal Chilli paste recipe! For reference; this is verysimilar to what my mom do! If you cannot handle the 'hot hot Spicyness', just replace the 'Sambal Chilli' with Tomato sauce or Spaghetti sauce that you like :). Remember don't be too RIGID!! Just throw anything that comes to you mind, I guess this can work with white sauce too or the easiest shortcut Campbell mushroom soup!

Defroze prawns and mussels, just pick out how many mussels and prawn you want to eat. There is just 2 of us, we have the luxury of eating ALOT of them, hahaha!
Cook one cup of  rice; Thai rice.
Slice onion
Prepare the Garlic Olive oil Herb fried rice first ...
Add olive oil and lots and lots of garlic!
Make sure all rice coated with Olive oil evenly.
Add oil and about 2-3tbsp of chilli paste and stir fry till hot.
Add sliced onion, and fry till onion transparent.
Add mussels and Ketchup for the sweetness (As you like). Hubs cannot stand all the spicyness so I have to add some ketchup to tone down the spicyness!

 Then add Prawns and about 1/4 of water and fry till prawns 80% cooked. Use tongue to taste, and add salt and sugar to taste (Optional). For mine I didn't add any, just note everyone sambal chilli paste taste different so TASTE with tongue!

Served it on top of the fried rice ...
Ohhh lalalalalalalalalala ~
Almost there soon!
Cover with any type of cheese you have but the basics would be mozarella and Cheddar cheese!
Baked 420 for 15 minutes.
Look at what is inside wooooot ~
Seriously I would never eat baked rice outside ever again!
The next baked casserole, I am going to try would be curry sauce or spaghetti.

Opps the silicone handle is dirty but no worries, they can be removed to be scrub properly!
Do you love the  Lock&Lock Borosilicate Glass Pan, 4.6-Cup as much as I do?
I am so going to bring the 2nd glass pan back to Singapore for my mom this coming June!

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