Monday, May 2, 2011

Lock&Lock: Storing Freshly homemade Dumplings!

I am so excited that I am selected as one of the 20 Lock&Lock Supporters' blogger!
Well to start, let just see how I incorporate my daily life with LocknLock!

Recently after the repeatedly successful attempts of making 锅贴 aka Pan-fried dumplings aka Gyoza, we are so HOOKED and addicted!

It was so easy preparing them so whenever possible, I'll be just chopping up the available veggies that I have in my fridge, mixed them with pork and start wrapping it up with dumplings wrapping!!

So for tonight, I added in; Nappa cabbage and Shitake mushroom!
And usually I will prepare a big batch of the dumplings, more than we can consume in one meal. 
I used to just store the dumplings in ziplock bags but I will have the problem of the dumpling skin always sticking together, making a big junk of mess when I defrozed the dumpling for dinner; ultimately throwing alot away!!

Nowadays I used the LocknLock Freezer Lock 2P Set to store the dumplings neatly; Terracotta style!
This is tight closing and snap together easily preventing freezer burns to your food!
It snaps open easily for easy access!!
It is transparent and you can see what you store inside the container; so you don't forget what you have store in your fridge!! Yah, I have this problem of conveniently forgeting what I have stored in my fridge!
The thin long shaped makes it space saving!
I can now store my dumplings neatly in my fridge and have them anytime I wanted!
Pssst, if you don't make as much as me, you can just store the fresh dumpling in ONE level of the container or if you make ALOT more, you can just stack more level!
Hmmmmm what about the leftover dumpling skin that I didn't manage to use up!?
Heeee of course another Locknlock product; Dualock silky seal, to the rescue!
I have ordered a DuaLock - Orange 18Piece set / 9containers just recently during their 50% off promotion, so it was easy to find one that can fit the leftover dumpling skin nicely and store it together in the fridge!
Life make easy ...

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