Monday, May 16, 2011

Lock&Lock : Steamed Emperor Herbal Chicken

NO, I am not just boiling water.

I am testing out the heat conductivity of the 'Cookplus Ceramic Sauce Pan' with my ceramic cooktop! I read that in order for Ceramic Cooktop to conduct heat better, we have to use a flat bottom pot or pan. A ridged bottom pots or pan might scratch the ceramic cooktop too!

BUT, I am confident of Lock&Lock product and tested  'Cookplus Ceramic Sauce Pan', using it to boil water and see how it fare. Look at all the bubbles at the bottom of the pot, I guess I worry too much! The water is boiling very evenly!
Although it is indicated as a saucepan but this size is just nice for porridge, instant noodles, Soup for 2-4pax!

Now we can start cooking, I used the short cut method using instant Spice packet.
I think it is more economical for us to buy prepacked because there are only 2 of us and we do not typically like 'Chinese herbal stuffs'. But, we don't mind having these once in a while! 

Read on for the full yummmy results.

I used 2 quartered chicken about 660gram.
These are the herbs found in the packet. 
As per instruction, I boiled the herbs with  'Cookplus Ceramic Sauce Pan'; 250gram of boiling water and 250gram of Homemade Chicken Stock for 15minutes.
Season the chicken with their prepacked seasoning.
Pour the boiling spices with all the herbs into the Plastic film and Alumium foil provided.
Tie up the film and wrap the alumium foil over it.
I steamed the Chicken for 1hour.
And lastly, I used Lock&Lock BOROSEAL, Borosilicate Glass Pot to serve!
The Silicone handles mades it easier for me to handle the HOT HOT bowl, serving it on our dining table.
Hubs giving the 2 thumbs up!
OMG,  loves!

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