Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lock&Lock : Instant porridge with Ceramic Cookplus saucepan

Recently, it is just me and me in the afternoon which is like everyday now.
I will usually do something simple for lunch. And during the recent housekeeping, I found some of these Instant Maggie Rice Porridge!

Well this is just nice for me on a lazy afternoon.
In 10 minutes and with Ceramic Cookplus saucepan, I'll have lunch!
The rice in the packet with all the seasoning.
Add 600ml of water and cook to boil.
Look at the boiling water ...
Cookplus Ceramic saucepan is really easy to wash and doesn't burnt food as easily as stainless steel!
I don't even have to stir my porridge and left it to cook by itself.

In the usual Stainless Steel Pot I have to worry about the food burning and sticking to the base!! And washing up will be 'HELL'!
My easy lunch on a hot hot lazy afternoon!
More 'test' will be coming up for the Ceramic Cookplus Cookware.

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