Monday, May 23, 2011

Lock&Lock : Herb Baked Chicken quarter w/ Mushroom Sauce

I loved the Baked Chicken from Ikea and would always 'purposely' made a trip down to Ikea just to have it for lunch, but they stopped selling it! I was so depressed, but I am determined to do it myself!

And then, I can have Baked chicken whenever I LIKE IT!!!
And with Lock&lock's help, everything seems so much easier!

This is the end product, looks so good but seems so complicated right!?
Don't be deceived, they are really easy to prepare!!
Trust me ...
Are you ready for the step by step pictorial!?
Read on.

I marinated 2 chicken leg quarter using Lock&Lock BOROSEAL, Borosilicate Glass Pot. The 2 chicken leg quarters fitted nicely in the pot.

First, I rub the chicken with a layer of Olive oil, sprinkle salt all over and lastly rub a layer of Herbes de Provence on the chicken with my bare hand! Next use a cling wrap, place it in the fridge and marinate it overnight. Easy-peasy ...
The next day ... ...

Just right before I place it into the oven, I sprinkle the chicken with dry chopped garlic and 3 tbsp of chicken stock or you can use white wine to the bottom of the pot.
I am lazy, I should have used my fresh minced garlic!
The Lock&Lock BOROSEAL, Borosilicate Glass Pot fitted just nice into my tiny toaster!
350F - 40minutes
380F - 10minutes
I turn around and prepare my broccoli side dish using Lock&lock Cookplus Ceramic Sauce Pan to boil the water for blanching the broccoli. Remember to add a teaspoon of salt before adding the broccoli. Depending on the crunch, blanch for 1-2minutes. Drain and set aside.
After 50minutes ...
This is what the chicken looks like when I remove the Lock&Lock BOROSEAL, Borosilicate Glass Pot out of the oven! Smell so nice ...
I place the Baked Chicken on a paper towel to soak up all the oil!
Don't throw away the oil and liquid that is left in the pot, we shall use that to prepare the Mushroom gravy!
Using Lock&lock Cookplus Ceramic Sauce Pan again, drizzle a tbsp of Olive oil, and add in a tbsp of minced garlic. Fry till aromatic, add in mushroom. I love mushroom, I think I added more than a cup!
Stir fry the mushroom till it sweats and add in the Baked Chicken leftover oil/sauce. When the gravy starts to boil, pour in half cup of milk and a tbsp of Flour. And with small fire, cook till the gravy thicken. Hmmmm, I should have added some Pepper at this stage!! (Please note, I am not a professional cook, this is what I do, I don't know whether the steps are in order or not!)
It is there SOON!

Just arrange everything together, and this is what I get!! It is really not that difficult right!? Plus with the baking, all the 'fats' on the chicken has already melted off the chicken skin. It was really good, even hubs say it is good!! I am so excited that this is a successful trial!
Yummm, I love it!
Hope you try it too.

Before you leave, I have to show you how easy is the wash up!
No scrubbing is needed, just rinse with hot water, and everything is clean, how easy right!!

Main Ingredient
2 Chicken Quarter legs
Olive oil
Herbes de Provence
Dried Minced Garlic
3 tbsp Chicken Stock/white wine

Mushroom Gravy
1 tbsp Olive oil
1 tbsp Garlic
1 cup of Mushroom
All the leftover Baked chicken oil/sauce
1/2 cup of milk
1 tbsp of flour

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