Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lock&Lock : Gifts for the month for reviews!

I participated in a Lock&Lock Supporters program and was selected as the first batch of Lock&Lock Supporters bloggers! Yeah, I am going to recieve 2 batch of Locknlock products each month to review. And I recieved my first batch for the month, I guess this should be for the month of May?

I am so excited!
So mysterious, what IS INSIDE!
Let see what we have; everything is neatly arranged and packed!
OMG, a Borosilicate Glass pot that can be used in the Microwave and Oven!
And a 2 set of Borosilicate Glass Pan with a Lock&Lock Wrap which is made in Japan!
Borosilicate Glass Rectangular, 6-Piece Set/3-Containers which can be used from the freezer to the oven or microwave direct. Snap it lock, and back to the freezer, so convenient!!
Ok, say CHEESE for a group photograph!
OMG, now I have to crack my head on utilizing them!
Can I bake a cake in the Glass Pot?

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