Friday, May 6, 2011

Lock&Lock : Garlicky Mushroom and Chicken Cheese Baked rice!

Ever since I started "Cooking"; I am determined to perfect the "Cheese Baked rice"!

I LOVE LOVE anything baked with cheese. But one reason I am determined to get it perfect, because it was so expensive to have it in Swenson Restaurant. And in Singapore or USA you cannot get much of  Cheese baked rice anywhere. I then realised, Baked rice are specialty of Macau or Taiwan! They are not French or Italian food!! Now, then I know ... 

And Secondly, I doesn't seems to be able to find the 'perfect' size casserole dish for baking for 2! There are either TOO BIG or TOO SMALL or WITHOUT HANDLES!

Lock&lock to the rescue!
I use a Lock&Lock Borosilicate Glass Pan, 4.6-Cup and it was the perfect size for the 2 of us.
 I have the step by step pictorial for the perfect Simple home Cheese Bake rice!
Haha, maybe it is just perfect for myself :P
Read On for the step by step pictorial of the process!

I marinated the chicken thigh the night before using; Soy sauce, salt and sugar.
And in the afternoon, I prepared one cup of rice in the rice cooker.
First pan fry the chicken pieces to 80% cooked.
Don't be too rigid, you can repace the 'meat' with whatever you have at home; bacon, ham, pork or sausage!
I love garlic and added ALOT! so I stir fry the garlic with canola oil first.
I don't know how garlic fare if I use OLIVE oil to fry it!
Erm you can also add onion and omit the garlic if you don't like it!
After the garlic starts to brown, I added the olive oil ...
Next, add LOTS and lots of mushroom!
I also sprinkled Herbes de Provence, I think this step should be done earlier haha but I forget about it!
Make sure the rice is separated nicely and coated with a layer of the olive oil!
Add salt and sugar to taste.
YEAH, taste with your mouth!
When rice are coated thoroughly, add in the chicken slices!
SMELT so nice at this step!
I managed to squeeze all the fried rice into the 4.6cup Lock&Lock Borosilicate Glass Pan.
Dab about 2-3tbsp of the Canned Campbell Chicken Soup onto the rice.
I smeared and spread it nicely across the rice.
These are the cheeses I used, mainly because they are on discount!
Hahaha, I am cheapo this way ...
Sprinkle as much as you like, wooohoooo ...
I think the next time I will spread MORE!
'Ding' your oven to 400-425 depending on your oven and baked till top of cheese starts to brown. Have to watch fire if you are like me, inexperience! I think mine starts to burnt just after 12minutes! But no fear because my rice are mainly COOKED!
To die for Cheese baked rice!
We ate right from the glass pan!
The Cheese baked rice was emptied in no time.
And washing was a breeze ...
I am trying out a more Asia version soon of Chilli Mussel Cheese baked rice, stay tune!

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