Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lock&Lock : Dinner with Cookplus Ceramic Pt. 3 - Simple Pan Fry and Conclusion.

For Part 3 which will be the last part, I'll still be using the Cookplus Ceramic Frying Pan for the next 2 dishes; a sunny side up and some nuggets using the Pan frying method!

Add oil, and a cold egg.
Lower fire and pan-fry till doneness preferred.
Hubs usually preferred a runny egg yolk!
I usually microwave the nuggets first before pan-frying them for the crispiness.
This extra steps will result in less oil being use!

Finally a simple 3 dish and 1 soup dinner!
For a housewife, I am not very sure of what what are some of the website's technical jargon meant but I know these are the points that are important to me;
  • True to claim, Cookplus Ceramic Pan are truly NON-STICK. This is really important especially if I am using the same pan to cook different dish! The easy washing means I can prepare all the dishes faster. And plus the extra benefit of them being "Non-toxic, and having eco-friendly coating".
  • "Aluminum" is a lightweight metal with very good thermal conductivity." It is resistant to many forms of corrosion. The heat conductivity is good, and heats up relatively fast and even. So fast I have to remind myself to lower the fire, if not I burnt my garlic easily!
  • So far using the Cookplus Ceramic Cookware, I didn't notice any warping of the Pan on the Ceramic/Halogen Cooktop; unlike some of the other 'Branded' that I had use which made the same claim too!
  • The Cookplus Ceramic Cookware feels heavy, look heavy but they are not actually very heavy which is a plus for me because I hate pots and pans that are too heavy which made washing a hassle! But rest assured their base are really thick which ensured that the pans are not easy moved which  might caused scratches to the cooktop!
I can think of only ONE Con, I cannot find any lid in their website to match this 10.2" pan!
But I guess I can overlook that minor fault, especially with all the PROS that I have on my list!

And yes, Cookplus Ceramic Cookware pass my test with flying colours!
Now that I have tried some simple dish and understand how the Cookplus Ceramic cookware works, I might be able to experiment with something more complicated. Keke ~

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