Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lock&Lock: Biscuits, just for pets!

Our westie, TOto is the love of our life, and he usually have the best of everything.
We are so concern for his overall health, we baked his Biscuit treats bi-weekly!
And I need a container that can keep the biscuit fresh, which I can access easily and opens up fast to reward him whenever necessary!

So when I see this container on Locknlock I just have to get it to store the biscuits I bake for him!
(Pictures are extracted from TOto's personal blog; Ourwestie.toto.blogspot.com.)
The 2 snap corner opens easy for quick access!
The container keep the biscuits fresh and crunchy for 2 weeks and more!!
For the recipe of the Apple&Carrot Dog biscuit visit TOto's blog for more information.
Locknlock have a range of Pet series on their website which I love to have, but but ... I have no more budget, maybe later.

Lock&lock will be having a Happy Hour for the Pet Series on 5May2011 @ 11pm-1pm! 
I can't wait!!
Will be baking another new batch of Biscuits for TOto soon!
TOto, Mammeee ❤ you!

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