Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lock&Lock : 2nd Batch of Mystery Gift!!

Last week Lock&Lock, drop an email to all Lock&Lock's Supporters that the next batch of Mysterious gift box is being sent out and I am so excited for the whole of last weekend anticipating for the Packaged box to arrive! I guess I would always be one of the earliest supporter to recieved the gift box because I stayed REAL NEAR to their headquarters!

This time round we are sent the items from the Cookplus Ceramic range. TOto is so curious, I think he wonder if this is for him! NO TOto, this is for Mammeee!!

TOto loves yellow colour which explains his curiosity!
Ya right TOto this is NOT for you, be nice.
That expression is RUDE! Maybe Lock&Lock might send you a nice gift if you'll be NICE OK!
Items recieved :
I already have in mind what I can do with them!

BUT, I have a ceramic cooktop and I have some reservations about using pots and pans with circular ridge; I wonder would it scratch my ceramic cooktop but it is indicated that the series works with Halogen cooktop.

I can't wait to try these out!

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