Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Karipak aka Curry Puff Pt 2 - Pastry, combine and FRY!

First part of the recipe for the filling @
Karipak aka Curry Puff Pt 1 - Curry Chicken Potato fillings
I am so ready to continue with this Karipak aka Curry puff journey!
Let's get going, a few more steps to this yummmy puff.
Read on for my step-by-step Pictorial.

250gm plain flour
60gm melted margarine
80 - 90ml water mixed with ½ teaspoon of salt
In a large bowl, combine flour and margarine. Add in water a little at a time and knead until dough becomes smooth and pliable. Leave it for 10 - 15 minutes then, with a rolling pin, roll out the dough into a thin sheet (0.5cm). Using a round cookie cutter, cut the dough into circles and place a little filling in the middle.
But rolling a huge piece of pastry is a challenge for me, so I weigh the dough and divide them to 25gram each and set aside.
For easy access purpose, I rolled the fillings to  1 tbsp too!
There u go ...
Flatten the dough to as round as possible and if you have any round cookie/donut cutter, u can cut it at this point too! But too bad, I don't have one.
Place 1 tbsp of the filling on top of the pastry.
Cover up, trim off the ugly edges with a pizza cutter; hahaha!
And start pleating away ...
My curry puffs were tiny, but I try not to be overly ambitious and do what I can handle.
These puffs looks so cute stacking together in my Lock&Lock Borosilicate Glass Pan, 4.6-Cup!
Deep fry these puffs till golden brown.
There you go, it is not easy but then again, it is not as difficult either. I can't help but pop them into my mouth and burnt my tongue. SO BEWARE!
They will stay in the comfort of Locknlock Dualock while waiting for hubs to come back from work!
I love LocknLock Dualock series, they are very roomy and I especially loves the bright cheery orange colour. Liven up my dull kitchen!
So happy, another successful trial!
My mother is sure going to shock her eyeball out seeing that her daughter finally can cook!

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