Saturday, May 14, 2011

A good deal spotted - 2 Adidas Watches!

My initial intention of running into the store was to snatch a couple of TOto's biscuits but on the way of running into the end of the store, my eyes darted left and right and zooomed into some 'Adidas' watches on display, my feet automaticaly brought me to them! I was attracted to the RED watch first @USD29.99 and got the watch with 2 can of TOto's biscuits!

The next day we were at that same store, and I couldn't help but bought the white one as well @USD19.99, how do you resist buying them at that kinda of price?

In the end I actually preferred the one with the white strap, should I return the red?
Or just secretly keep the 2!
Hard decision to make!

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