Friday, May 27, 2011

A Basic Swiss Roll with Butter Cream

My first successful very simple and basic Buttercream Swiss Roll!
The sponge has only 3 ingredients; 2eggs, 50gram of sugar and 50gram of flour!
Simple right!
My Oven and Jelly-pan is so small, it was rather difficult to find  a recipe that can fit into my pan but still I found one that I can use; Paul's instruction is clear and simple and his recipe is easily divisible!

But I did something very silly, instead of greasing on TOP of the parchment paper, I grease underneath the parchment!!! And alot of the cake stuck onto the paper, what a waste! Lesson learnt!
Another lesson I learn, I have to buy a better quality confection sugar to prevent; Grainy butter cream. And I should REDUCE the sugar. I think the recipe used for the buttercream is TOO SWEET ,or maybe I should use more salt? I choose Buttercream over the other type because I was trying to use less eggs and I can keep the unused Buttercream in the fridge for a longer time! But I still prefer the Cream cheese frosting that I have done before for the Choux puff pastry!
For reference

Swiss Roll Ingredients:
2 medium eggs
50g Castor sugar
50g Plain flour, sieved

Butter Cream Ingredients:
1 stick/0.5 cup Butter
2 Cup Confection Sugar
1/2 tbsp of Vanilla Essence
2 tbsp of milk/cream

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