Thursday, May 5, 2011

'Authentic' Tiramisu

Having Tiramisu in restaurants and bakery are usually expensive and not as flavourful if you do it at home yourself, and seriously they are NOT difficult because NO BAKING is requited! You can add as much 'alcohol' as you preferred and add/minus the sweetness as you like!
There are alot of different Tiramisu recipes online.
The basic ingredients are only that few ingredients but I had a hard time looking for Lady's finger and mascarpone cheese in my part of the world;
1) Wet ingredient; Eggs, Mascarpone Cheese and Sugar.
2) Dry ingredient; Lady's finger and Cocoa Powder
3) Dipping ingredient; Coffee and baileys or Rum!

And the differences are either egg white beaten to stiff peak added to the mascarpone mix, or whip cream added to the mascarpone mix or Just egg yolks. Cookingforengineers double boiled the egg yolk to make sure they are cooked and used whip cream, which I find it a healthier version, if you are feeding the cake to your children!

I didn't follow exactly to any recipes, and I added whipped egg whites as well! Previously when I made Tiramisu, I usually omit the egg white and just added the egg yolks. A girlfriend of mine commented that if I add the eggwhite, the mascarpone cheese mixture will be lighter.

Ingredients :
2 Eggs separated
226gm Mascarpone cheese
80gm sugar
2 packet of *Instant dark Coffee + 1tbsp of Sugar
2 Tbsp of Baileys (Optional)
  1. Whip 2 egg white to stiff peak, set aside.
  2. Whip 2 egg yolks with sugar till sugar dissolved.
  3. Add a tub(226gm) Mascarpone Cheese to egg yolk mixture. (Make sure sugar dissolved!)
  4. Fold in whipped egg white to mascarpone+egg yolk+sugar mixture, set aside to prepare coffee mixture.
  5. Boil water for coffee packs + sugar, cool and add in Baileys
  6. Dip Lady's finger to the coffee and arranged neatly in a container.
  7. Using a spatula, layered the mascarpone mixture onto the arranged lady's finger.
  8. Sift Cocoa powder
  9. Repeat 6, 7 and 8
Fridge, cut and eat when cold.
*I used Instant coffee packets from Aik Cheong.
For reference - The Classic Tiramisu original recipe
Cookingwithrosie - New Look, More Functionality & An Old Recipe For Tiramisu - You are just 6 ingredients away from the best-ever Tiramisu. - Italian Tiramisu Recipe

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