Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chicken Kecap Manis Fried Rice - my way!

Kecap manis fried rice is one of my favourite dish here! This is a spin-off from Singapore Claypot Chicken! You can add all sorts of different ingredients but today I used skinless chicken thigh; my favourite part! For some 'inspiration', you can add prawns, mussels, or just vegetables!

Anyway this is my favourite version!

1. Marinate the 4 pieces of chopped chicken pieces with abit of soy sauce, fish salt and salt for at least 30minutes.
2. Add 1tbsp of oil to the pan, browned the chicken slices to 70% cook and set aside.
3. Add more oil to the pan, and continue to add in 1 piece of sliced chinese sausage and half a chopped onion, stir fry till onion transparent,
4. Add 2tbsp of minced garlic. Stir fry till fragrant.

5. Add in cooked rice. Stir fry till rice covered with ingredient in the pan evenly. Make sure all the rice are separated and not sticking together.
6, Add in chicken meat.
7. Find a wok cover, and cook for 3-8minutes till chicken cooked.
8. Add kecap manis, a rough guess would be at least 3-5tbsp or more according to own desire and sprinkle salt and sugar.
9. Add chopped veggie, stir fry till veggie cooked.


Read on for a estimate of ingredient used.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend Eatout!

I usually don't cook during weekend, so I be 'showcasing' our recent Boring Food Adventure!

@Cheesecake factory;
 On a Friday night just because Hubs says he want to eat fish!
I love their brown bread; soft sweet and yummy! We always ask for 2nd ...
Appetiser, stuffed mushroom!
Hubs version of fish; 'Fish Taco'!
Mexican cuisine usually comes with Beans and rice.
Heeee, my spaghetti with prawns, teriyaki chicken, asparagus, toasted tomatoes and prawns!
@  MacDonald;
Waiting for our 20piece nuggets while taking a short break driving to our next destination!
@ JS Chen;
For our weekly Dim Sum!
Brinjal with shrimp paste but I find it bitter, yeeww ...
I ♥ Dim Sum!
Hubs favourite 'Chee Cheong Fun'.
Alot of food for 2 pax!!
Cajun's Crawfish offered to us by our friendly neighbours who cannot finish their food!
It was delicious, we love it. But the 'meat' in crawfish very little!
@ Home;
Stuffing myself with cherries just because cherries season is HERE!
I be on a detox programme next week 'OFFICIALLY' so my kitchen will be closing for the next ....... days! I have yet to decide on how many days! Hahaha the faster the weight is lost, the faster it will end. But I still be cooking/baking for Hubs. So now it will be cooking for 1. But I will not be experimenting new food for these days that my body is OUT!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lock&lock Living Box, I like!

One of the gift that is throw in at the very last minute by their GM, was this Lock&lock Living box which we can immediately utilize and place in the boot of our new car! The size was just right and there was minimum assembly. And most importantly their material are sturdy and thick.

Very unlike those typical flimsy 'China' products that I find!
The inside of the box are roomy and spacious!
The zip design makes it easy for us to zip up and down without getting stuck at the edges!
And to my surprise this boxes actually fold down to a FLAT!
So when not in use, they doesn't takes up alot of space!
Look how the metal support frame rod fold down ...

And it claimed to be able to support up to 130lbs of weight!

With the plastic window right infront of the box, we can actually do a quick glance and knows what is kept inside the box.
The living boxes comes in four different colour; Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green.
Take advantage of their Memorial Day special now at 25% discount!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lock&Lock Showroom + Gifts!

I was invited by Lock&lock General Manager, Jason Kang, for a visit to their Lock&lock showroom. I was so excited I forget to ask them the reason of their invitation! Hahaha, I am just being a busybody, curious of what a lock&lock show room would look like and maybe goes down to take a look at some of the actual products that I am interested to buy ...

Hayden Kim liaised with me for the trip down, and he allowed me to bring TOto down as well.
I am ecstatic, I hate to leave TOto alone at home! It was a 20 minutes drive down from my place to their office. The  Lock&lock's office impression in my brain would be a bunch of 'Obasans' (Japanese word for old ladies) or in Koreans it should be 'Ajusmas', working in the office, chit chatting, snacking and testing out all the different Lock&Lock products in their aprons.

Hmmmmm, that would be an interesting experience ...
BUT TO MY SURPRISE! I seems to remember all men coming out to welcome us!
It looks more like a Internet engineering firm! Where are all the Ajumas and Obasans???

The picture below; Hayden Kim, me and the web-design guy (so sorry forget your name)!
I met up with Lock&lock General Manager, Jason Kang, as well, but he is too handsome to want to be in my camera, shuxs!
But everyone was very welcoming and friendly and has given alot of informations to us regarding lock&lock and one of the most interesting info that I find out is, one of Lock&lock design Lock&Lock BOROSEAL II, Borosilicate Glass has won a 2011 Red dot award from Germany.
So you can be rest assured of their QUALITY!

From Wiki :
"The red dot design award is a large and coveted international product design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. The aim of the prize is to honor outstanding design quality and trendsetters."

"With more than 11,000 submissions from 61 countries, the international “red dot design award” is the largest and most renowned design competition in the world."
Even if you do not believe my words you have to believe Reddot design right?
I am impressed!
Most of their products are design in USA and manufactured in Vietnam and China.
I love their showroom, wish they could open up a retail soon, but I heard that, that is in the plan.
I actually owned quite alot of stuffs from Lock&lock from most of the different lines.
I can actually compare all the different sizes of the Borosilicate pans that are available by Lock&lock!
And Lock&lock is very generous, they actually present me with boxes of gifts and of course, I am still one of the earliest to collect June 3rd batch of Lock&lock giftbox too!

A preview of what I be showing next, when the day is brighter!!
TOto is very happy that he can go out with us to visit the showroom!
Thank god TOto was very cooperative and behaved very well!

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Basic Swiss Roll with Butter Cream

My first successful very simple and basic Buttercream Swiss Roll!
The sponge has only 3 ingredients; 2eggs, 50gram of sugar and 50gram of flour!
Simple right!
My Oven and Jelly-pan is so small, it was rather difficult to find  a recipe that can fit into my pan but still I found one that I can use; Paul's instruction is clear and simple and his recipe is easily divisible!

But I did something very silly, instead of greasing on TOP of the parchment paper, I grease underneath the parchment!!! And alot of the cake stuck onto the paper, what a waste! Lesson learnt!
Another lesson I learn, I have to buy a better quality confection sugar to prevent; Grainy butter cream. And I should REDUCE the sugar. I think the recipe used for the buttercream is TOO SWEET ,or maybe I should use more salt? I choose Buttercream over the other type because I was trying to use less eggs and I can keep the unused Buttercream in the fridge for a longer time! But I still prefer the Cream cheese frosting that I have done before for the Choux puff pastry!
For reference

Swiss Roll Ingredients:
2 medium eggs
50g Castor sugar
50g Plain flour, sieved

Butter Cream Ingredients:
1 stick/0.5 cup Butter
2 Cup Confection Sugar
1/2 tbsp of Vanilla Essence
2 tbsp of milk/cream

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Simple & easy : Baked Kecap Manis Chicken Quartered Leg

Kecap Manis is a type of Indonesia Sweet sauce; something like Japanese's Teriyaki sauce.
I love their sweet, caramel sweetness, I used it to fried rice or noodle too!

Hmmmmm, I have ONE leftover Chicken Quartered in my fridge and decide to do something sweet with it. I would have preferred to use a grill and prepare Teriyaki Chicken Quartered but I am too lazy to wash my grill. And the easier and lazy method would be baked it in a Lock&Lock BOROSEAL, Borosilicate Glass Pan.

But first I marinate the Chicken quartered leg with Fish sauce and soy sauce. Just half a tbsp spoon each and rub it all over the leg. Hey, another of Lock&lock's star in my kitchen; Lock&lock Disposable Glove!
Convenient and hygienic; preventing the fishy sauce smell from contaminating my hand!!
Grab a box if you are getting something from Lock&Lock.com.

Wrap and leave it in the fridge for an hour or 2. I like to separate the Salty and Sweet stages because by doing so, it actually eliminate some of the 'Chicken foul' smell. Maybe some people doesn't feel that 'foul' chicken smell but I do, so this extra step is important to me.
I got this shot when I was so busy in the kitchen and TOto is cudding with his buddy TUrtle!
It was so funny!
Drain the remaining liquid in the Lock&Lock BOROSEAL, Borosilicate Glass Pan.
Using the glove, rub 1 TBSP of Kecap Manis and 1/2 TBSP of brown sugar onto the chicken. You can add 1/2 TBSP of Kecap Manis and 1/2 TBSP of honey if you like!
After another 1-2 hours of marinating in the fridge, off YOU GO to the Oven.
It will be better if the leg can be marinated overnight!
Baked with the skin part down for the first part, only turn the leg during the 2nd part for the skin to frizzles!
350F - 35minutes
380F - 15minutes
Doesn't look 'pretty' but trust me it is simple yummy!
Our simple and healthy dinner.
One meat, one veggie and one soup.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Simple & Easy : Bombay Toast

My mom would often prepare this simple dish for me and my brother when we are young; and Bombay toast is the first few dish that I learn in my Home economics class in my Secondary school days. It is a very simple dish to prepare but it is absolute delish, I LOVE it. And I would usually whipped up this dish when I have alot of bread that is expiring soon. It is a good way to eat alot of breads at one go!

2 Jumbo eggs beaten, with a dash of salt.
Bread cut into halves; 3-4pieces.
Heat pan, add oil onto the Cookplus Ceramic Frying Pan.
Dip the 2 sides of the bread into the beaten eggs
And, pan fry each side of the bread.
Flip when one side of the egg is cook. Try not to get distracted because the Cookplus Ceramic Frying Pan conduct heat VERY WELL! Hahaha, reminder to self, LOWER HEAT! Burnt QUICK! 
Simple dish, easy preparation.
Happiness = full-filling snack.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Asus Transformer is here SOON!

We have been tinkling with the idea of getting a Ipad-1 and then Ipad-2; but we are just not APPLE people! Iphone has already gone from Iphone 1-4 and yet I have never used ONE before!! I am so adamant about getting the Iphone 5 this year! We are so tempted to get Ipad, but there are just too many things that Apple only restrict themselves to themselves! Anyway, gotten side-tracked hahaha ...

Asus Transformer is rare commodity here. It was SOLD out everywhere online within minutes after going 'LIVE'! Finally, one month after launched I finally got it online via Newegg.com. And that is just because I was lucky enough to be surfing a forum at midnight. Someone has posted that it has gone LIVE at about 12MN! I have to wake my sleeping Hubs from his sleep, to make sure that that is the 'set' that he had wanted. In his 'Comatose dream-stage', we made the purchase for a;

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (TF101-B1) Tablet NVIDIA Tegra 2 10.1" Wide SVGA 1GB DDR2 Memory 32GB Flash HDD NVIDIA ULP GeForce

US$499.00 + US$11.26 (UPS 3Days)

And that pricetag, does not include the 'keypad docking station'!
That will be another US$120.00; with that kind of price tag, it is still SOLD Out everywhere!

Chef Jean Pierre - Beef Stroganoff

Hubs loves beefy stuff, be it; Rendang, beef noodle soup, beef horfun or just anything beefy. And recently I stumbled upon the dish, 'Beef stroganoff. Hmmmm looking at the recipe I know that this is something Hubs would love.

But I have a problem, I had never try this dish before!

But I still kept the recipe in my draft and was determined to try it out. The fact that I had never try the Beef Stroganoff before, makes it a very difficult challenge. I won't know how to adjust the taste accordingly so I had to stick very closely to the recipe given by Chef Jean Pierre. He is also very vague in his youtube video, but I love his accent thou!

Look at all the ingredient I had to get from Target.
I am determined to get the 'taste' right that I even gotten a bottle of Chardonnay!
First chopped up all the ingredient that is necessary; minced garlic, minced onions, quartered mushroom and beef chunks. I used 2lb beef, and ALOT of mushroom just because I love mushroom!
Heat up pan and add Olive oil to the Lock&Lock Cookplus Ceramic Frying Pan.
Marinate the beef chunks with salt and pepper, and then saute the beef chunk to sear in the taste!
Yeah browned it at all sides, and set aside.
Add more olive oil to the Lock&Lock Cookplus Ceramic Frying Pan and continue to saute the chopped onions and follow by garlic.
Be careful not to burn the garlic.
Add in mushroom and stir fry till it sweats.
I have to change my frying pan because this is too small :P, haha I am such a noob!
NO PANIC, made the change and continue ...

Add the beef chunks and sprinkle in the flour because as reminded by the chef, 'Flour needs time to be cook.' And then add in the remainder of the ingredients; brown sugar, salt and black pepper, except for the sour cream and the green onion. I didn't have Thyme so I omitted that part but I replaced it with my 'Herbs de Provence'.
Then add in the liquid part; Tomato Puree, Chardonnay and Beef Stock.
When boil, simmered in low to medium low heat for at least 2hours!
Sliced the green onion/scallion and cooked the egg noodle as accordingly while waiting.
Serve the noodle with the sauce and sour cream, sprinkle with green onion!
And tadah ~

Russian Beef Stroganoff!
The Roast Chuck beef is so soft and tender; Hubs give thumbs up and says he can have this everyday!!

Read on for the recipe and youtube's video of Chef Jean Pierre.
You will love his accent especially the way he pronounce 'AN Neee On'!!


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