Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take Out BBQ from First Chinese BBQ

We are so lucky that there are some good Hong Kong Cuisine Restaurant near us! And most of them have quite a HIGH standard of the BBQ Duck, roast pork and Char Siew especially; First Chinese BBQ! I love their BBQ Crispy Pork  Belly too! Hubs commented that their BBQ are even better than the ones in Hong Kong or Singapore!

111 S. Greenville Ave  Richardson, TX 75081  (972) 680-8216

This few days the weather is very warm and body is not adjusting well, so we can do TAKE OUT!

This is half a 烧鸭!
This is half pound of 叉烧!
And we eat it with Dallas's version of 新州米粉! Oddly, the Texan Hongkies chef feels that the 新州米粉 should be very CURRIED-powderish! But we don't mind it one bit, it tasted not bad but not 新州米粉 more like 咔哩米粉 (Curry Bee Hoon)!
This take-out costs about USD20.00plus, I find it rather reasonable!

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