Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pastéis de nata aka Portuguese custard tarts (葡式蛋挞)

It took me a week to get started because, I was waiting to get my muffin pans before I tried to bake the tart! I only had silicon muffin cups! But I ended up using my silicon muffin cups because the disposable aluminium muffin tray I bought was too big!
 Bleah ~

I had chosen to prepare the pastry by using Chef Carmen del Sol , she mentioned it was the 'AUTHENTIC' Portuguese's version of their egg tart recipe whereby the butter is layered, layer by layer on the pastry dough!

I told Hubs,"If I want to try, I should do the 'Authentic' way! If not it is quite pointless right!"

I should have bought a Ready-made Pastry!

Chef Carmen Del Sol made it seems so easy, and I thought 'Gosh, I can do that!'
But atlas it was difficult, not as easy as it look like on Youtube, and the dough is not easy to control. But I persevere and made it to the very last step!

My first batch, the dough was not easy to mould into the silicon cup.
There are more skills involve than what I imagine it to be ...
My Oven highest temperature is 450Fahrenheit but the recipe from Syrup and Tang calls for it to be baked at 572Fahrenheit/300Celcius! So the first batch, I had a hard time controlling the temperature. I didn't see much of my 'Custard' curdling like all blogs have mentioned!
But by the 2nd batch, I got the idea and everything went smoother.
2nd batch do looks better right?
The bottom of the tart ...
The pastry is not as layered as I imagine it would be, but I be testing out other methods soon!
Regardless, Hubs finish the first batch within 3minutes which took me 3 hours to achieved!
Read on for the recipe.

I reduce Chef Carmen del Sol' recipe
125gram of Flour
1/4tsp of salt
1/4cup of cold water

And I adapted my custard recipe from Syrup and Tang.
22g Flour
140g Sugar
3 Egg yolks
1 Egg
300ml Milk
1 pc of Cinnamon
1tsp Vanilla Essence
  • Add flour and sugar together, side aside.
  • Separate the yolks, set aside.
  • Boil milk with Cinnamon stick and remove cinnamon stick.
  • Pour half of the boiling milk to stir with flour and sugar.
  • When everything is melted and smooth, pour the mixture back to the other half of the milk.
  • Stir in egg slowly into the milk mixture, and keep stirring till everything mixed, add Vanilla Essence.
  • Sieve the mixture twice.
  • Put in fridge to chill.
Read on the rest of the steps from Syrup and Tang.

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