Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fried Wonton with Mee Pok!

Our dinner tonight!
My hubs loves mee pok ...

I have to stand in the kitchen for 1 hour for the preparation; Chopping the chestnut and shitake mushroom, mixing the minced meat, and wrapping the wantons one by one!
Wanton : Minced Pork, Chopped Shitake Mushroom, Canned diced Chestnut.
Marinate : Soy sauce, oyster sauce, five spice powder, pepper, sugar and salt.
In Singapore, the process would be;
1) Go to store ORDER
2) Wait for order to come and pay!
3) Eat
4) Smack smack buttock and leave!
Paying SG$3.00 for a bowl is consider CHEAP, because to do this at home you need to spend at least an hour to finish the whole process which does not include the washing! But then if you prepare at home, you can 'adjust' the taste accordingly and of course the ingredients are all FRESH and REAL!

And the end process are all worth it when Hubs say,'GOOD!'

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