Friday, April 1, 2011

锅贴 + 豆苗 + 快熟面 = Dinner!

I made 锅贴 again, and this time round there isn't any recipe anymore.
It is all 'aga-aga' ...

This time round it includes ; Minced Pork + Yellow chives + Chopped onion + 虾皮 + Wanton skin!
I told hubs the 锅贴 should be more than enough for dinner BUT he says he very hungry so I added a plate of 炒豆苗. But he insists that it is still not enough, so I cook up another Instant noodle for him!
So much for 2pax, eat until vomit!
Oh I must give a special mention to this Yummmmilicious sauce! Haha I told hubs with this 'special' sauce, it doesn't matter how the 锅贴 taste like! And HE AGREE!

Stupid man ...
But he did request for more 锅贴ss!

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