Monday, April 18, 2011

Chicken Curry with Prata!

After the Steak Dinner, Hubs went back to office to do OT. I took this opportunity to prepare CURRY CHICKEN! Ever since Hubs wants to eat healthy I stop peparing food like such! But it is so easy and we can have so many meals out of this ONE POT of curry chicken!

Our Sunday Breakfast!
Really feels like HOME ...
For my Hubs, I even perfected the 'Elusive' Plaster Prata!
The perfect Plaster; egg yolk has to be 'Runny' and uncook but the exterior has to be crispy!
How sinful!


  1. Haha I always use the prima chicken curry :P How do you make your own curry? I am really a noob man. You are such an inspiration!!

  2. @Eve,
    I not so lihai la hahaha. I use 'Earthen Pot curry powder' I buy from Singapore, fry the chicken with oil, coat the chicken with the curry powder then add potatoe and then coconut milk can liao.

  3. Ooh! Still lihai! I will try next time :D Let you know how it turns out keke~



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